Best & Worst Dressed List in Emmys 2018 by Official Nepali Beauty

Best & Worst Dressed in Emmys 2018

As you guys know I love watching red carpets because this is one place where celebrities can show off latest designs from talented designers on the red carpet. I usually don't watch Emmys but I did see the red carpet and here are my personal - Official Nepali Beauty's "Best & Worst Dressed in Emmys 2018"

Best Dressed

5th Place - Tracee Ellis Ross In Valentino couture and Repossi Jewelry.

Reason: This dress is huge and it has a lot of fabrics, most people will not be able to handle this type of ballon shaped gown. But Tracee looked great in this incredible Valentino Couture gown, what I really love is the colour of this gown. Since, Tracee is quite tanned wearing hot pink colour really compliments her skintone and it makes her pop which is a really good thing. I also like how she was having fun walking on the red carpet. So, it made me like this dress even more. Only one issue I have is with her hairstyle, it should have been a big curly hair like her mother Diana Ross. Because that would have elevated this look to the next level but regardless, it is still a good look.

4th Place - Thandie Newton In Brandon Maxwell.

Reason: Since you guys know that I love pink colour specially on brown or darker skin tones. So, when Thandie arrived in the red carpet in this soft bubblegum pink gown with asymmetrical neckline. I was blown away by it, even though the style of the dress is not that contemporary but the sash coming from her neck to the floor. It really added an element of drama that was needed in this gown. Also, the dress really fits well on Thandie's body and the clean cut look works wonderfully in the red carpet.

3rd Place - Jessica Biel In Ralph & Russo.

 Reason: Jessica looks so elegant and so ethereal in this beautiful white organza gown by Ralph & Russo. She looks like a hollywood star and this is how you are supposed to walk on the red carpet. I love the fit of the dress, the white dress suits her complexion and even though it has quite a lot of drama on the bottom part of the dress. Overall it really works as a beautiful look. Also, I usually don't like beach wavy hair on the red carpet but it really suits her, so I don't mind. It didn't over shadow her beauty, she definitely managed to pull off this amazing dress by Ralph & Russo.

2nd Place - Tiffany Haddish In Prabal Gurung.

 Reason: Usually when comedians come to award ceremony, they usually don't try to dress up. But in the case of Tiffany Haddish, she went all out by picking Prabal Gurung's beautiful rainbow coloured chiffon gown. Tiffany also said in an interview that she wants to celebrate her roots and she chose this gown as it represents her Eritrean background. She was having fun and she looked very happy and comfortable wearing this gown on the red carpet. So, good job to both Tiffany Haddish and designer Prabal Gurung.

1st Place in Best Dressed - Heidi Klum In Zac Posen.

Reason: The fit of this dress is perfection ! She looks like a greek goddess, even though I don't like beige colour on tanned skin but this dress looks like it was made for Heidi. The draping of her bodice to the beautifully hand drape in the centre front by Zac Posen is absolutely genius. This is how you walk on the red carpet and I always think that Heidi is always taking risk on the red carpet. And this time too she got it absolutely right. I think Zac Posen is the perfect designer for her since they are actually good friends and they also work together in Project Runway. Kudos to Zac for making her look divine !

Okayish Dressed

5th Place - Chrissy Teigen In Zuhair Murad Couture.

Reason: I personally love Chrissy's outgoing and funny personality, she tends to dress very sexy and this time too on the red carpet. She came dressed up in her signature sexy style and the most important thing is that she just had a baby boy 4 months ago ! And she looks so great and she is already back in shape. I am just amazed with how well put together she looks despite just giving birth to a son. This is how you turn up to the red carpet after you have a baby. Love the silver metallic sequins and it suits her dark complexion.

4th Place - Michelle Dockery In Carolina Herrera.

Reason: Michelle looks like an angel in this beautiful pastel blue tulle gown. I personally really love gowns with tones of soft fabric layering and this is exactly the type I like. The only thing that looks odd in this gown is the placement of the embroidery as, it looks really random. Also her hair style could have been better if it was curly in place of straight hairstyle. 

3rd Place - Marcus Scribner In Strong Suit.

Reason: The royal blue colour looks great on the red carpet and its nice to see men wearing colours other than the classic black tuxedo. I like that the tuxedo really fits him well and even the length of the trousers fits him properly. Only issue I have with this look is the choice of bow tie, as he would have looked better without it and unbutton his top button since he is quite young. He should be comfortable and youthful.

2nd Place - RuPaul in Calvin Klein 205W39NYC 

Reason: RuPaul is always dressed up in his signature style suit and for me I was actually quite let down by him. The main reason is because he was nominated for the best reality tv show award in Emmys. So, it would have made more sense if he dressed up in drag as his show is called "RuPaul's Drag Race" which it did win the award that night. I keep he is becoming more and more lazy as he is getting older which is very unfortunate.

1st Place in Okayish Dressed - Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost Both in Dolce & Gabbana. Johansson wears Christian Louboutin heels and Nikos Koulis jewels.

Reason: Scarlett is always dressed up properly when it comes to red carpet. This time too she didn't disappoint me and she even came accompanying her boyfriend Colin Jost. Her dress is quite an odd design as I like the top part of the gown but the bottom part looks like a towel wrapped around her hips. The reason why I picked this couple as Okayish Dressed is because they looked good a couple. And even tho she is the star, she let her date shine more who was the host of the Emmys which I appreciated.

Worst Dressed
5th Place - Alison Brie In Miu Miu and Bvlgari jewels.

Reason: The cut out underneath her breast makes her flat chested and the cut out looks like 1990s old fashion slit pageant style. Her hair didn't suit the dress as it looked very casual. 

4th Place - Alexis Bledel In Delpozo.

Reason: The style of the dress is quite odd because and the yellow tulle looks quite out of place in this gown, it looks like she puked on her gown. The soft pink colour makes her skin look so washed out and the dress just doesn't look well made. Specially with the uneven dart underneath her bust line makes this dress look even more awful. Very bad choice from Alexis.

3rd Place - Constance Wu In Jason Wu.

Reason: Constance is very beautiful but this black sequins dress looks like its from a costume store. The neckline looks very distracting and awkward.

2nd Place - Maya Rudolph In Simone Rocha.

Reason: She looks like she is going to a funeral and the fit of this dress is so ill fitting. Lace looks very cheap quality and the length of the dress is very awkward. It looks like a very badly made halloween costume of swan like.

1st Place in Worst Dressed goes to....
Amy Sedaris In custom Adam Selman

Reason: 1920s style dress with mermaid bottom gives a very weird shape to Amy. Since the length doesn't hit the floor, it looks like a children's artwork with flower cutouts. Her make up and hair looks good but from neck down, everything is off and her shoes doesn't help this hideous outfit.

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