Miss Asia Pacific Int’l 2018 - Week 1 Predictions

Miss Asia Pacific Int’l 2018 Week 1 Predictions

Here are our 1st Week Predictions from Miss Asia Pacific International 2018. All the views and opinions expressed in this article are not personal, we are only judging based on the Official photos and Press Presentation Video.

Let's begin with Top 15...

Top 15

Canada - Ariel Jingjing Cao

She is a good speaker.

14 Cook Islands - Teuira Raechel Shanti Napa

She has very exotic features.

13 France - Pauline Dubedat

She has a Beautiful face but she needs to work on her body.

12 India - Abhilasha Agrawal

Another great speaker which is very usual from Indian Queens.

11 Kazakhstan - Didar Atmaja

Love her face but she has weak sash unfortunately.

Top 10

10 Italy - Kim Ashly Vito

Love her face and she looks different from the usual Miss Italy in International Pageants.

9 Morocco - Chaimaa Hejam

She has beautiful face and at first I thought she was a Latina but later I found out she is from Morocco. It’s rare to see Miss Morocco in beauty pageants, so it’s great to have a representative from this country.

8 Nepal - Aastha Saakha

She has great body, very fashionable and really hardworking. It’s nice to see a Miss Nepal who is actually confident walking in two piece swimsuits. She also has great stage presence.

7 Thailand - Sirakan Chaiprasit

From the land of smile, Sirakan is a beautiful Thai woman. In recent years, Thailand has been doing really well in International Pageants and I think Sirakan will also do well in this pageant.

6 USA - Mackenzie Lawrence

This blonde beauty has the classic all American beauty. But she has a sweet and likeable personality which will definitely help her get a spot in the Miss Asia Pacific Int’l 2018.


4th Runner Up
Philippines - Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel

She has a very unique look about herself, maybe because she has Qatari- Iranian and Filipino blood. She has very exotic features and the fact she is actually a muslim but she chose to still wear 2 piece swimsuits made me really like her even more. She is someone to watch out for specially since she won first subtitle of Darling of the Press.

3rd Runner Up
Netherlands - Raquel Van Gool

She has a gorgeous face and she looks like a hollywood actress. Netherlands is known for their beautiful women, so this year’s delegate Raquel from Netherlands didn’t disappoint us. Hope to see her in the Top 5 finalists.

2nd Runner Up
Mongolia - Misheelt Narmandakh

Our oriental goddess from Mongolia reminds me of Disney’s Mulan. She has very strong oriental features but she is also very feminine and sexy at the same time. She is the strongest Asian delegate in this year’s Miss Asia Pacific Int’l.

1st Runner Up
Brazil - Gabriela Palma

Another stunner in this year’s batch of contestants, she has the typical features found in a Brazilian bombshell. She has strong sex appeal which she brings it to her walk. I don’t mind Brazil winning again but since they won last year already. It would be nice to see a new country win this pageant.

Miss Asia Pacific International 2018
Germany - Madeline Andrea Ferrara

She has such a beautiful and racially ambiguous face. Her body is on point and she oozes confidence when she walks on stage. It’s been a while since Germany has won an International crown and with Madeline, I think they will win their first Miss Asia Pacific Int’l crown.


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