Miss Universe 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks

Welcome to our 1st Hot Picks for Miss Universe 2018 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty !

Miss Universe 2018 is going to be held in Bangkok, Thailand after 13 years and I am really excited to see what kind of grand stage we will see in the finale. These are all first impressions based on their social media as well as their performance on fashion shows and public events.

Here is our 1st Hot Picks for Miss Universe 2018 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty !

Top 16
16 INDONESIA - Sonia Fergina Citra
15 INDIA - Nehal Chudasama
14 AUSTRALIA - Francesca Hung
13 THAILAND - Ning Sophida Kanchanarin
12 VENEZUELA - Sthefany Gutiérrez
11 GEORGIA - Larissa Petrosyan

Top 10
10 ECUADOR - Virginia Limongi
9 PUERTO RICO - Kiara Ortega
8 MEXICO - Andrea Toscano
7 VIETNAM - H’Hen Niê
6 GREAT BRITAIN - Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers

Top 5
5 NEPAL - Manita Devkota
Reason: She comes from a small country that doesn't have a strong sash factor in International Pageants. However Manita is a well educated and independent woman, who moved all the way from the US to Nepal all alone for Miss Nepal which she ended up winning Miss Universe Nepal title. She is definitely a dark horse in the competition it will be nice to see some new countries landing in Top 5 of Miss Universe. 

4 SPAIN - Angela Ponce
Reason: Her story is one of the most strongest story I have ever seen in Miss Universe pageant. Being born on the wrong body and now embracing herself to her true self. Angela has an inspiring story of being a transgender woman and making history be becoming the 1st ever transgender woman to compete at Miss Universe. Judges and MU org will definitely have their eyes on Angela as she can become a great social leader in terms of having LGBT Beauty Queens.

3 USA - Sarah Rose Summers
Reason: Sarah has a bubbly personality and a girl next door quality about her which could work wonders to her. In today's world where social media is on it's peak; being relatable to many young girls could give her an advantage in Miss Universe. She is may not be the tallest and nor is she one of the modelesque contestants but her being able to relate to many young girls. I think it could give her an edge in this competition.

2 PHILIPPINES - Catriona Gray
Reason: She is one of the most beloved and fan favourite contestants in this year's Miss Universe 2018 pageant. She has a beautiful face and very melodious voice; on top of that she had also competed perviously at Miss World 2016. Catriona has a lot of modelling as well as pageant experience which would help her do well in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

1 SOUTH AFRICA - Tamaryn Green
Reason: The moment I saw her photo released during Miss South Africa 2018 pageant, I instantly wanted her to win the national pageant and hopefully win Miss Universe title too. The reason being that she has a beautiful racially ambiguous face; great statuesque body, ready to walk in any International fashion shows. And she is very well educated with a great personality, all of which are great combination for a Beauty Queen. Even though, South Africa won Miss Universe last year and it is rare to have back to back win at Miss Universe. But in the past it has happened before in 2008 & 2009 when Dayana Mendoza crowned Stefanía Fernández who is also from Venezuela. It would be great to see that happen again with Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters crowning her fellow South African Tamaryn Green as the new Miss Universe 2018.

So this is our Miss Universe 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks

What do you think of it? Let us know who are your favourites in the comments below


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