Miss World 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks

Welcome to our 1st Hot Picks for Miss World 2018 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty !

Miss World 2018 is going to be held in Sanya, China on 8 December and since this year the quality of contestants is really high with many girls with great educational backgrounds. It will be a joy to see who will win the ultimate crown of 68th edition Miss World 2018. These are all first impressions based on their social media as well as their performance on national pageant and public events.

Here is our 1st Hot Picks for Miss World 2018 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty !

Top 15
15 SOUTH AFRICA - Thulisa Keyi
14 AUSTRALIA - Taylah Cannon
13 INDONESIA - Alya Nurshabrina
12 JAMAICA - Khadijah Robinson
11 POLAND - Agata Biernat

Top 10
10 UNITED STATES - Marisa Butler
9 MEXICO - Vanessa Ponce De Leon
8 ENGLAND - Alisha Cowie
7 THAILAND - Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan
6 PUERTO RICO - Dayanara Martínez

Top 5

5 INDIA - Anukreethy Vas
Reason: She maybe young but she has a great project of educating the under privilege transgender community of Southern India. It is a strong subject for her Beauty with a Purpose Project because most of the time LGBT community are very under represented in beauty pageants; despite majority of the fanbase come from this LGBT society. Also the fact India has just previously won Miss World 2017 crown, Mrs Julia Morley will definitely have her eyes on Anukreethy.

4 Trinidad & Tobago - Ysabel Bisnath
Reason: Ysabel is probably one the most well educated contestant I have seen in a beauty pageant. She is a graduate from Oxford University, practising lawyer and she is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian languages. She is a very unapologetic feminist who stands for women's rights, racial, social and economic justice. Since Mrs Julia loves to have a smart woman as her spokesperson, I definitely think that Ysabel is certainly going to be a dark horse in this competition. And if she plays her cards well then we might just see Trinidad & Tobago's second Miss World this year.

3 FRANCE - Maëva Coucke
Reason: From the land of fashionable people and delicious croissants. France has been consistently been sending beautiful french women in Miss World. She is also a law student and despite quite a confusing news about whether she will go to Miss Universe or Miss World. She herself picked to go to Miss World because she believed that she is more suitable for Miss World. Also the fact that Miss France send their winner to Miss World will definitely make Mrs Julia Morley take notice of her.

1st Runner Up is...
2 NEPAL - Shrinkhala Khatiwada
Reason: From top of the world and the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, this beauty is not just a pretty face. Shrinkhala is an architect by profession; she is very focused about her Beauty with a Purpose project which is to create a Health clinic for the under privilege chepang community in rural Nepal. Despite being included in almost everyone's Hot Picks & Predictions; she is very humble about it. And she made it very clear that she will not be joining movie industry unlike the previous Miss Nepals which is really admirable. Nepal might win their first Miss World crown with Shrinkhala.

Our Miss World 2018 is...
1 VENEZUELA - Veruska Ljubisavljevic
Reason: Since she was crowned as Miss World Venezuela 2017, she has had a very tough journey. Due to many misunderstanding; at one point she almost lost her chance to represent her country at the Miss World pageant. However, she stood up and fight for her position and ended up winning; that is a quality that a beauty queen should posses. Due to this controversy, Veruska has gained a lot of media coverage and international fan's attention. We have our eyes on her since; just like every Miss Venezuela who is well prepared to compete at an International Pageant. Hope to see her do well at the upcoming Miss World 2018 pageant in Sanya, China.

So this is our Miss World 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks

What do you think of it? Let us know who are your favourites in the comments below


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