Mr World Nepal 2018 - Week 2 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty

Mr World Nepal 2018 - Week 2 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty

We have conducted this ranking after watching the contestants candid photos as well as how they interacted during training videos. If you want to see the full contestants list then click Here

Here is our 2nd Week's Predictions for Mr World Nepal 2018

Top 10

10th Place is ...
10th Place - 16 Jeevan Regmi (Dhangadhi)

Reason: He is very photogenic and he looks great in professional photos which is why we listed him as Top 3, last week. However, after seeing videos and photos from training sessions. He doesn't look that good in candid photos, he needs to work more on his appearance. From looking after his skin to improving his body, so he could look as great as he does on his professional photos.

9th Place is...
9th Place - 14 Purshotam Yadav (Janakpur)

Reason - He looks like he could be very well educated and smart. The reason why he is placed in 9th place is because he looks quite ordinary and average. He seems like a nice guy but there is nothing amazing about him.

8th Place is ...
8th Place - 9 Sagar Pariyar (Damauli)

Reason : Sagar has a cute face and charming personality. He can improve in the future so, I don't think he is ready to go to an International Pageant yet.

7th Place is ...
7th Place - 6 Prabin Rana (Dharan)

Reason: He has manly & strong face but he needs to work on his body so, he can do better in the future.

6th Place is ...
6th Place - Pradeep Neupane (Chitwan)

Reason: He has handsome face and good body, he seems to have a good personality too which is good for International Pageants. However, I think he needs more time improve himself so he can win International Pageant.

Top 5

5th Place is ...
5th Place - 5 Sandeep KC (Kathmandu)

Reason: He has a very masculine body and has a very manly face. He looks like a Bollywood actor which is an advantage to him. However, he has a very laid back personality and we have heard that he missed out some training classes which can across as not hardworking. So, this is the main reason why he has dropped down to Top 5 from last week's Predictions.

4th Place is ...
4th Place - 2 Chandan Chaudhary (Siraha)

Reason - He has a friendly and warm personality which is a good thing. He was the winner of Mr Tharu Nepal 2017 which will give him an advantage in stage presence. It is great to see Chandan bringing some diversity to this year's batch as we don't see many Tharu people in Pageants. Hope we see more Tharu people in the coming years.

2nd Runner Up is ...
2nd Runner Up - 8 Susam Maharjan - (Kathmandu)

Reason: He is the tallest contestant in this year's batch, standing at the height of 6 feet 3 inches tall ! It will definitely give him an advantage in International Pageants, specially model contest where height is very important like Mister Model of the World. He also has good body and chiseled face which will definitely make an impression in International Pageant.

1st Runner Up is ...
1st Runner Up - 1 Dipesh Shrestha (Ramechap)

Reason: He has a cute face and charming personality, he will be very adored by international pageant fans. Even though he doesn't have a ripped body yet, he still has time to prepare for International Pageant. We will like to see him transform into a hunk as there is something special about him.

Our this week's Mr World Nepal 2018 is ...
Mr World Nepal 2018 - 4 Bikalp Raj Shrestha (Chitwan)

Reason: He is tall, handsome and has good command in English and Nepali languages. He also has previous pageant experience of winning Mr College Chitwan 2017 which will help him on stage presence. Even though he is not physically fit, he has potential to work on his body till he goes to Mister World 2021. He has friendly and likeable personality which is very important in pageants, you want to be approachable so international fans will have a good impression of you and your country (Nepal). We at Nepali Beauty will like to see Mr Bikalp Shrestha as the new Mr World Nepal 2018.

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