Mr World Nepal 2018 - Week 3 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty

Mr World Nepal 2018 - Week 3 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty 

This is our 3rd Week's Hot Picks of Mr World Nepal 2018 by Official Nepali Beauty.
We have done this ranking based on the contestants official photos as well as how they interacted during training videos. If you want to see the full contestants list then Click Here

Here is our 3rd Week's Predictions for Mr World Nepal 2018

Top 10

10th Place is ...
 10th Place - 7 Sabin Baral (Pokhara)

Reason: He is slowly improving day by day and he seems to have a friendly personality. His photo is okay but he lacks energy and any strong emotion in his face.

9th Place is...
 9th Place - 6 Prabin Rana Magar (Dharan)

Reason: He is slowly fading in the background, he started strong but it feels that other contestants are improving faster than Prabin. His official photo also lacks energy and looks too casual for this photoshoot's theme.

8th Place is...
 8th Place - 17 Sudeep Khadka (Ramechhap)

Reason: I didn't notice him in previous weeks but he has a cute face and during the last week's runway challenge. He looks better in video than in photos and he could improve more with proper grooming. I am not sure he has enough time to improve himself before the finale.

7th Place is...
 7th Place - 3 Pradip Neupane (Chitwan)

Reason: Pradip is doing well in recent training sessions and his emotions on his official photo is quite strong and fierce. He could do well but he is still quite raw and needs some grooming.

6th Place is...
 6th Place - 2 Chandan Chaudhary (Siraha)

Reason: I expected him to do well in this photoshoot but except his body which looks great. His face looks tense and not confident. He has good attitude so, he could impress the judges with his personality in the finale.

Top 5

5th Place is...
 5th Place - 15 Rishabh Paudel (Dang)

Reason: His photo is one of the best ones out the bunch, he is improving quite a lot since Week 1. There is some emotion behind his eyes on this official photo and his face looks good too. He is dark horse in the competition for sure.

4th Place is...
 4th Place - 5 Sandip KC (Kathmandu)

Reason: He has moved one spot above since last week's predictions. His good physics helped him in the official photoshoot where you can see his manly and toned body. He suits this type of photoshoots and he did quite well. If he continues to have positive and good attitude then we might see him do well in the final night.

3rd Place is...
 3rd Place - 1 Dipesh Shrestha (Ramechhap)

Reason: There is something unique about him and despite not having a great body, I quite like his photo because he has a very angry expression on his face. It really works well with this theme of photoshoot. I still think he could do well with good training in International Pageants.

1st Runner Up is...
1st Runner Up - 8 Susan Maharjan (Kathmandu)

Reason: He has the best photo in my opinion and he also looks the best from his facial expression to his body, everything works. Susan is definitely improving fast and he would do wonderful in the finale. Hope he continues to grow like this and he will do well in his future as well.

Our this week's Mr World Nepal 2018 is ...
Mr World Nepal 2018 - 4 Bikalpa Raj Shrestha (Chitwan)

Reason: He is constantly doing well from training sessions, to his walk and his official photo as well. This photo has a different energy to it in comparison to other contestants because he exudes quiet confidence. His body is also improving since the Audition and if he continues to have this progress than I think Bikalpa can win Mr World Nepal 2018. Hope he continues to work on his body, walk and speech and he will do well in International Pageant as well.

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