Nepal Fashion Week 2018 Day 1 Report: GOOD, BEST & UGLY !

Nepal Fashion Week 2018 Day 1 Report: GOOD, BEST & UGLY !

Last night began the biggest fashion event in Nepal of Warsteiner The Himalayan Times TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2018 which was held at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. This is the most stylish and fashionable event to see the latest trends in Nepali Fashion Industry. In Day 1, we saw 4 talented Nepali designers showcased their creative new collections at the runway in Nepal Fashion Week 2018. And in this report we will be discussing about the GOOD, BEST and UGLY that happened in last night’s event.

Disclaimer: These are screenshots from Instagram videos, so I will re-edit it with good quality photos once TGIF Nepal Fashion Week uploads better quality photos. And don't take our comments too personally because we are giving criticism so, our designers can improve in the future.

Designer 1: Anu Shrestha - Mesmerising Lotus
Let’s start on a positive note; the fashion show started with a designer called Anu Shrestha who showcased her beautiful collection called "Mesmerising Lotus” which consists of intricate hand painted designs on beautiful silk fabric. The show started on a high note as the models walked wearing flowy soft designs. The colour theme for her collection consist of mostly red, black and white colours. 

I personally loved the red sari with delicate chiffon ruffles which looked so graceful
on the model while she was walking on the runway.

I liked the bolero jacket on top of red sari which was a nice touch to make it more contemporary.

Show stopper Evana Manandhar looked really beautiful in the red and black ensemble also suited her; making her look taller than she actually is. Over all there weren’t any bad looks that I saw on Anu Shrestha’s collection.

Designer 2: Yubi Thapa - He didn’t show his collection for unknown reasons. So, let’s skip to Designer 3

Designer 3: Bijay Gautam - Divya
Mr Gautam is a famous Nepali Fashion Designer and his clothes have been worn by many Miss Nepals and other celebrities. His collection was named Divya showcasing different roles of a Nepali woman.

Shilpa Maskey was his show opener; she wore a red lehenga which looked beautiful on her with wavy hair which really suited her beauty. Models walked in very colourful saris and some lehengas, everything looked like his previous collections. He used mostly silk, velvet and sequins fabrics with a lot of beautiful hand embrodiery.

Malvika Subba was his show stopper who was clad in a Blood Red lehenga,
it looked really nice on her and she carried off the garment well. 

Designer 4: Surakshya Purja - Page 3 & Einara Bridesmaid
I actually didn’t understand this collection at all, there were some nice dresses yet
basic designs and nothing really stood out to me.

The only person that looked good was the show stopper Jyotsna Yogi who looked beautiful in a pink dress and features + ruffles off the shoulder jacket.

Designer 5: Astik Sherchan - Pulchowk 3’s Mid - Summer Night’s Dream
This was hands down the best collection I saw in last night’s fashion show. There was a consistency in his collection from the fabric choice to his colour palette; everything made sense. He had a lot of lehengas in gold, pastel green, orange and pink colours which were all merged together as a collection. Even the flower head bands complimented his garments.

The designs were simple yet subtle and to add cherry on the cake our Miss World Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha looked drop dead gorgeous in a beautiful golden backless lace gown. She looked like a greek goddess and did a complete justice to his collection and ended Day 1 on a high note.

There were many things that we have to talk about that just made me scratch my head
while looking at some of the looks on Day 1 of Nepal Fashion Week 2018.

Bad Hair Day

The models had a nice sleek back ponytail which really suited most of the collection. However I don’t understand who did Malvika's hairstyle for Bijay's collection because that was a complete disaster, Malvika looked good from head down but her hairstyle was really outdated with an awkward ponytail at the back of a high bun with red flowers as accessories. It was way too over the top and it looked messy. It would have been better if she had curly waves or just a hair up in bun without too many accessories; so it looks more modern and stylish.

Model Disaster
I have my sources who attended the event as well as people who were backstage who gave me this news. It is the juiciest news we have got for you, which is that one of the model selected to walk for NFW 2018. She was so irresponsible that she turned up 6 hours late for the show and ended up getting fired right on the spot. We can’t reveal her name for privacy issues but I am pretty sure she will regret not informing NFW because now a lot of people will know that this model has a bad attitude.

There was a commonality between all 4 designers; where majority of their clothes consists of traditional wear such as saris and Lehengas. It almost felt like TGIF purposes put these designers on Day 1 because they mostly had traditional wear on their collections. To be honest, I was not blown away by any of the looks shown on Day 1 because most of them looked like I can find it on boutiques in Kathmandu. The designs were quite bland and uninspiring, this was supposed to be the biggest and most creative place where Nepalese Designers would show cased their talent. I was quite disappointed by most of the collections because they were all around 10 looks for each designer. Keep in mind that only 4 designers actually showed their collection because Yubi Thapa didn’t show his work. It felt really rushed and the amount of only 10ish looks was rather low for a big event like Nepal Fashion Week. I should not compare it to International Fashion Weeks but if we look at most fashion shows it consists in average of 30 looks in a collection. The fabric choice, colour palette and designs also need to be consistent and flow well as a collection. But I didn’t see that on NFW 2018 Day 1 show, only Astik’s collection had some element of consistency regarding those elements but others didn’t have those qualities. I personally don’t know how long each designer worked on their collection but it really didn’t feel like they had enough time to make an actual collection. Most International designers work around 4 months on each collection and they have to show it 4 times on a year. Nepal Fashion Week only happens once a year; even if they have 10 looks, they should be more focused, creative and consistent with their collection. My last message to Nepalese designers is that be more thoughtful and think properly while designing their collection.

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Photo Credits: Anish Shakya Photography


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