Miss Nepal 2019 Kathmandu Audition - Check out the Applicants !

Yesterday, was the final audition of Miss Nepal 2019 beauty pageant and all the lucky applicants were invited via a phone call to do a personal interview with a set panel of judges. This year panel of judges for Kathmandu Auditions were 
Mr Gopal Sundar Lal Kakshapati - Chairman Mr Girendra Man Rajbanshi - Director Mr Subarna Chettri - Promoter Mrs Rachana Gurung Sharma - Choreographer Miss Ishani Shrestha - Miss World Nepal 2013 Miss Malina Joshi - Miss World Nepal 2011

Here are the list of applicants who attended this year's Miss Nepal 2019 Kathmandu Audition
In alphabetical order

Jenny Maharajan 24 5'6" from Kathmandu
(Miss Newa 1135 (2015) 2nd runner up)

Manisha Gautam from Hetauda

Meera Kakshapati 22 5'4" from Bhaktapur
(She applied last year as well and made it to Kathmandu Audition) 

Nitika Karmacharya 21 5’6" from Lalitpur
(Miss Ecollege 2015 and Miss India Subcontinent 2017 - 2nd runner up)

Pradeepta Adhikari 23 5'6" from Kathmandu 


Paramita gets in Drama with Pride and Prabal about Manish Rai's Dress

Popular Nepali Model and Actress Paramita RL Rana gets in middle of a fuelled drama with Pride and Prabal Instagram Page. It is all because Pride and Prabal page stated that the Manish Rai's Dress she wore in June 2017 is called out for being a rip off. The page compared Manish's dress with a famous International designer Zuhair Murad. 

However Paramita got so upset with Pride and Prabal's for posting this photo saying Manish Rai's gown is a rip off version of Zuhair Murad (Click Here)

She posted on her Instagram story saying this (@paramita_pam)

But unfortunately she is wrong because just an easy google search helped us to come with the receipts that all of our readers will gag once they find out the real truth. Before showing you that Paramita is wrong, we want to say that we are not associated with Pride and Prabal nor we are attacking Paramita. We are only showing the truth and honest fact that the Manish's Gown is indeed a rip off like Pride and Prabal stated. So our Nepali designers will start being more creative inplace of copying and pasting international designers work.

Look at the receipts:

Article From Vogue.com (Read Here) which was posted in 26 Jan 2017.

Original Zuhair Murad Gown was first seen at Spring 2017 Couture Fashion Week in Jan 2017
Check out photos from Vogue.com (Click Here)

Paramita was seen wearing Manish's Gown in 26 June 2017 (5 months afterwards)

As much as I find Paramita an amazing woman, it would have been better if she didn't start a fight with Pride and Prabal. Because as you can see above she has been found wrong as she said she wore the gown first when in fact the original gown by Zuhair Murad was 1st showcased in Jan 2017 at Spring 2017 Couture Fashion Week.

What do you think of this drama? Comment Below


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