Real Talk with Dikpal Karki by Official Nepali Beauty | Series 1 Chapter 1

For our exclusive, 1st Edition of Real Talk with ________ by Official Nepali Beauty.
We have got one of the most hardworking and talented Male Pageant King.
He recently won Nepal's 2nd International Male Pageant crown of Mister Model of the World 2018 in Yangon, Myanmar.
It is Dikpal Karki who is on our first ever Interview with Real Talk with ________ by Official Nepali Beauty.

1 Can you tell us little bit about yourself to our readers?
I want to define myself as a dreamer and ambitious person once I desire to achieve something I go through any kind of hard work to achieve my dreams. I never give up easily on anything.

2 Where did you grow up and how were you as a child?
I was born in Rukum district, my family shifted to Nepalgunj and I was brought up in Nepalgunj. After my schooling I moved to Kathmandu for my plus two and Bachelor Degree here in Kathmandu. Now I am permanent resident of Kathmandu. As a kid I was very quiet, disciplined because my mom and dad both are teachers and being teacher’s kid means I had to be disciplined and good at studies.

3 Did you always wanted to be a Beauty King?
My interest was initially towards modelling and movies but I took part in Beauty pageants initially as a platform to grow in modelling. But I became addicted to pageants and I continued to participate in various National and International Pageants. I don’t see modelling and beauty pageants as different things because both are interconnected somewhere.

4 Have you competed in previous pageants before Mister Model of the World? If yes how was your experience?
Yes, Mister Model of the World 2018 is my 3rd International Pageant before this I competed in Mister Global 2016 in Thailand and placed in top 10, placed 6th ranking. I also competed in Mister Grand International 2018 in the Philippines and I was placed in Top 15 and won two subtitles - Facebook Star and Public Choice. Now, I finally won Mister Model of the World along with other 3 subtitles.

If I have to talk about National Pageants, I have competed in 4 National Pageants which are Mr Handsome Nepal 2007, I was winner of Mister Rajdhani 2009, Mister Kathmandu 2009 and 1st Runner Up at Manhunt International Nepal 2012 as well as Best in Talent subtitle winner.

So my experience has been always great when it comes to pageants, whatever and wherever I am today it is all because of Beauty Pageants.

5 How did it feel when your name was announced as Mister Model of the World 2018?
Preparing for International Pageants is very difficult physically, mentally and at the same time financially and back to back for continuous three years participating in various pageants. I was literally tired and had no more energy and patience to wait more so when my name was announced as a winner I was more than excited. I was so relaxed, I took a deep breathe and I felt this is it now I don’t have to go through same level of fear and pressure in my life. I know so many challenges are still waiting in life but I felt so relaxed which you can see in grand finale video as well.

6 What is one thing that nobody knows about you?
There is nothing as such which nobody knows about me but when I was in college. I competed in a local pageant named Mr Handsome Nepal 2007 but I did not placed in Top 10 which really made me upset at that time.

7 What do you think of Nepal’s future in Beauty Pageants?
We are doing so good in International Pageants these days and our National Pageant Industry is also expanding day by day. So, I see it as a growing industry and hopefully one day we will win all Big Pageants; if we continue to progress in the same manner. I want to see our Pageant Industry to grow as big as Philippines, Venezuela & Colombia.

8 What makes you blush?
When some one compliments me for my looks, I blush because I feel uncomfortable when someone praises my looks.

9 What projects are you working on at the moment?
Right now I am busy with Mister Nepal World 2018 as I am the official trainer and choreographer for Mr Nepal World 2018. I am trying my level best to give a great show besides this I am also preparing for my first International Runway  as a Model at Yangon International Fashion Week which is going to be held in Myanmar later this November. Besides these, I am also quite busy with various other pageants.

10 How do you manage to be so positive all the time?
Thank you for seeing me as a positive person, I am workaholic and I love working. I am blessed that I am doing the work that I love the most. So, it might be because of this I don’t get affected with any things around me; I feel alive all the time when I work.

11 What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?
I see myself working as an International Model and a Pageant Icon. I want to work in this field till the end of my life so, you will see me doing the same things but in different countries.

12 In the end any message you want to tell to our audience?
At the end I want to say thank you to all the supporters who supported in my journey to Mister Model of the World 2018 and to all medias, to all my designers Manish Rai, Minal Agrawal, Deepa Malla Thakuri, Veenita Bhatta, Manju Dhakal and thank you so much to my National Director Kamal Nikon Chettri. And at last, I want to Thank you Official Nepali Beauty for your continuous support to me and to all Nepali Representatives to International Beauty Pageants.

Thank you Dikpal for giving such wonderful and honest answers to our questions.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading our 1st interview with Real Talk with Dikpal Karki by Official Nepali Beauty

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Photo Credits: Dikpal Karki, Mister Model of the World & Kamal Nikon Chhetri


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