Real Talk with Kaushik Prasai by Official Nepali Beauty | Series 1 Chapter 2

Real Talk with Kaushik Prasai by Official Nepali Beauty | Series 1 Chapter 2

For our second exclusive interview, we have got our 1st ever International Male Pageant winner.
Handsome and dashing Kaushik Prasai Mister National Universe 2018.
We welcome you to Real Talk with Kaushik Prasai by Official Nepali Beauty Series 1 Chapter 2

1 Can you tell us little bit about yourself to our readers? Should we call you Phanendra / Kaushik?
A: Please call me Kaushik. I am the winner of Mister National Universe 2018 & I'm from Nepal. I'm the first Nepali man to bring home an international title. I'm an IT student & a freelance model.

2 Where did you grow up and how were you as a child?
A: So I spent my childhood in Jhapa, Delhi, Kalimpong & Pedung. Lots of moving around. I was very gyani when I was a kid. I still am haha. Everyone in my hometown loved me & would show me off to visitors. I was pampered but I never got spoilt.

3 Did you always wanted to be a Beauty King? If not what was your childhood dream?
A: No, I didn't. I got into modeling just last year & took part in Model Hunt 2017 & then in Mr. GlamorousIcon 2017. As a child, I wanted to be a police officer which gradually changed into becoming an actor.

4 Have you competed in previous pageants before Mister National Universe? If yes how was your experience?
A: The previous pageants I took part in were Model Hunt & Mr. GlamorousIcon which are national pageants. Mister National Universe 2018 is the only international pageant. It was through Model Hunt that I got the grooming & training I needed in becoming a model. It was great, I made a lot of friends & contacts & got some exposure. I won Mr. GlamorousIcon 2017 & that's where I got chosen to represent Nepal in Mister National Universe 2018.

5 How did it feel when your name was announced as Mister National Universe 2018?
A: It was surreal. I can't put it into words. It was like I was on the top of the world.

6 What is one secret that nobody knows about you?
A: It wouldn't be a secret if I told people, would it?

7 What do you think of Nepal’s future in Beauty Pageants?
A: In all honestly, Nepal has a really long way to go in the pageantry world especially for men. Pageants here are taken lightly. In other countries, they are regarded at such a high standard & given so much dignity. I guess Nepal needs to step up its pageantry game & come out with great projects for not just winner but deserving candidates too.

8 What makes you happy?
A: Good food always, shopping, playing games & riding my bike.

9 What projects are you working on at the moment?
A: As of now, just advocating for Mister National Universe 2018 & working with the team for the 2019 edition. Also a few photoshoots here & there.

10 How do you manage to stay so physically fit? Any tips to our readers?
A: I mostly eat healthy & hit the gym at least 5 times a week. I actually enjoy working out. I feel good & at my best after a good workout. My tip would be not to be too hard on yourself. If you crave for something, you should absolutely have it but definitely in moderate portion. Just be consistent with your workouts & focus on a healthy diet. There are some days where I pig out on junk food too & that is perfectly fine with me as long as I'm following my routine religiously.

11 What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?
A: Well, the goal is reaching the peak of my dream by then & being an inspiration to dreamers. Being well off & settled down but still being involved in something big would be where I see myself in 10 years.

12 In the end any message you want to tell to our audience?
A: Be kind to everyone even when you're not feeling like it. It can simply change their day.

Thank you Kaushik for giving such wonderful and honest answers to our questions.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading our interview with Real Talk with Kaushik Prasai by Official Nepali Beauty

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Photo Credits: Mister National Universe


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