What do you think of Beauty Queens with Tattoos?

Many beauty queens in the past have flaunt their beautiful tattoos on their bodies without being ashamed of themselves. In today's modern day and age, having tattoos inked in our bodies is an expression of ourselves, it also has deep meaning behind it. However, in some pageants like Miss World & Miss Nepal unfortunately reject potential contestants if they have inked tattoos on their bodies.

It is one of the most debated topic in the world of pageantry, the question of whether tattoos should be allowed in Miss Nepal? Many beautiful ladies have been shunned down from the auditions just because they have tattoos on their bodies. When we asked previous Miss Nepals and Miss Nepal contestants, they have all replied saying that the main reason why Miss Nepal org rejects these ladies with tattoos is because
"it doesn't look pure and it gives a bad impression of a woman with good morals"

I understand that Miss Nepal org might feel uncomfortable with a woman who is bold and unashamed of her body. It is also true that Miss World doesn't allow contestants with tattoos. However, since Miss Nepal now has the franchise to 4 other Big International Pageants like Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International and Miss Supranational. None of these 4 International Pageants have any problems with their contestants having tattoos. Miss Universe has gone as far as doing a body painted / temporary tattoos photoshoot during Miss Universe 2010. It included all the contestants to embrace their own bodies by having beautiful and meaningful tattoos on their bodies. You can see some of the photos below from the photoshoot.

Miss Jamaica (Credit: Fadil Berisha)

 Miss Guatemala and Miss Mexico (Credit: Fadil Berisha)

Miss USA (Credit: Fadil Berisha)

Even in recent years our neighbour country, India has send women with tattoos to International Pageants like Ekta Choudhary in Miss Universe 2009 & Anukreethy Vas Miss India World 2018.
Ekta during Miss Universe 2009

Anukreethy's tattoo on her left

 Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 Harlem-Cruz Atarangi has embraced her Maori background by wearing face tattoo during Miss Universe 2017 National Costume Round.

Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 Harlem-Cruz Atarangi wearing face tattoos during Miss Universe 2017

After listening to these reasons, I also asked general public on our Instagram
"What do they feel about Beauty Queens embracing tattoos on their bodies?"

Unsurprising majority of our followers said they are okay with beauty queens with tattoos. Here are some of the best responses from our followers and what they think of this topic?
 Very insightful and realistic answer by Suhbham Chowdhary 

Straight to the point ! Great answer by Isha Sunar

Tell us what do you think of Beauty Queens with Tattoos?
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Photo Credit: Fadil Berisha


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