Miss Nepal 2019 Kathmandu Audition - Check out the Applicants !

Yesterday, was the final audition of Miss Nepal 2019 beauty pageant and all the lucky applicants were invited via a phone call to do a personal interview with a set panel of judges. This year panel of judges for Kathmandu Auditions were 
Mr Gopal Sundar Lal Kakshapati - Chairman Mr Girendra Man Rajbanshi - Director Mr Subarna Chettri - Promoter Mrs Rachana Gurung Sharma - Choreographer Miss Ishani Shrestha - Miss World Nepal 2013 Miss Malina Joshi - Miss World Nepal 2011

Here are the list of applicants who attended this year's Miss Nepal 2019 Kathmandu Audition
In alphabetical order

Jenny Maharajan 24 5'6" from Kathmandu
(Miss Newa 1135 (2015) 2nd runner up)

Manisha Gautam from Hetauda

Meera Kakshapati 22 5'4" from Bhaktapur
(She applied last year as well and made it to Kathmandu Audition) 

Nitika Karmacharya 21 5’6" from Lalitpur
(Miss Ecollege 2015 and Miss India Subcontinent 2017 - 2nd runner up)

Pradeepta Adhikari 23 5'6" from Kathmandu 


Best National Costumes by Miss Nepals in International Pageants

Best National Costumes by Miss Nepals in International Pageants

Here are Best National Costumes worn by Miss Nepals in International Pageants

3rd Place
Priya Sigdel Miss Nepal Earth 2018
Theme - Queen of Himalayas
Designers - Samrat Rai and Ojashwi Shrestha

"The floor length gown emerges from Nepal, the land of beautiful Himalayas. Denoting peace and calm gesture, the shades of blue graduates from the hem of the dress. The clashing tones of blue with white and silver avails the thick blanket of snow. The upper bodice is wrapped in delicate net and raw silk fabrics with heavy works of applique, pearls and rhinestones which extends to a fitted skirt elongating to a mermaid silhouette. The dress is completed with a train cape revealing the extravagant Himalayas. The flowy satin cape drapes from the shoulder which unfolds the hand painted Himalayas with subtle stone work. The entire look of the costume is complemented with a silver crown attached to the nose ring and handmade armlets comprising of silver beaded tassels."

Reason: I love the theme for Priya's National costume called "Queen of Himalaya"; it is based on the tallest mountain in the world - Mt. Everest which lies in Northern, Nepal. The cool tone colours in this National Costume is really refreshing; specially to see a non-red colour National Costume in International Pageants. The beautifully hand painting of mountains gives a good backdrop to the simple mermaid dress with tone of rhinestones. The only improvement I will have liked is the crown should have been a lot bigger so, it looks like Mt Everest.

2nd Place
Nagma Shrestha Miss Nepal Universe 2017
Theme - Embodiment of Spirituality
Designer - Bina Ghale
Jewellery - Bijay Maharjan

"The true essence of the whole design is we wanted to express the spiritual power of the Basundhara Mandala. The mandala holds the mantra for wealth, prosperity, happiness, positive energy and peace for the Universe. The true resemblance of Newari Art and the tantric meditation behind it. It does not resemble any religion but the spiritual path every human being is attached to. Hence we call it "Embodiment of Spirituality."

Reason: White is the colour of purity and peace, the concept of Buddhism is a great way to introduce Nepal in the International platform. Specially since Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal. The amazing detailed craftsmanship of the head gear is incredible. It is definitely the focus point in this costume but the simple outfit could have had better design. To improve this costume a backdrop or bigger accessories on the body would have been better.

Best National Costume
Ronali Amatya Miss Nepal International 2018
Theme - 
Designer - Manju Dhakal
Jewellery - Bijay Maharjan

Description: "Thank you @dream_wear_fashion_ and @royalvijaya for putting that extra effort to complete this look. I feel so powerful portraying Green Tara and it wouldn't have been possible without you all."

Reason: This beautiful National Costume is inspired by "Green Tara" who is an important figure in Tibetan Buddhism. I personally really love this concept because Green Tara is associated as the "mother of liberation" and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. She is known as Tara Bosatsu (多羅菩薩) in Japan, and occasionally as Duōluó Púsà (多羅菩薩) in Chinese Buddhism. I think this is the best National Costume from a Miss Nepal in an International Pageant because the green colours really compliments Ronali's dusky skin tone and the earthy tone accessories goes well with the look outfit. The angular shape of crown also balances with the big neckline and the portion of the belt. So overall, this is our pick for the Best National Costume by Miss Nepals in International Pageants.

What do you think of our list for Best National Costumes by Miss Nepals in International Pageants Comment Below


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