Is Miss Grand Int'l Top 3 Beauty Pageant in the World?

Is Miss Grand International Top 3 Beauty Pageant in the World?

Yesterday night, CEO of Miss Grand International org Mr Nawat Itsaragrisil (from Thailand) posted a photo alongside María José Lora Miss Grand Int'l 2017. He captioned the photo saying Top 3 pageant in the world and many of Miss Grand Int'l 2018 Facebook page also has #Top3beautypageantoftheworld tagged on their posts.

Many anti-fans of Miss Grand International are very upset and disagree with the comment made by Mr Nawat. Miss Grand Int'l is a fairly young pageant because it was established back in 2013 which makes it only 5 years young. However, despite being one of the youngest International Pageants it has managed to get a lot of attention from International media coverage as well as from Int'l pageant fans.

Last year too, there was a controversial live video done by Mr Nawat alongside Miss Grand Int'l 2016 Ariska Putri Pertiwi where he says that his pageant is one of the best and top 3 pageants in the world. Many anti-fans were also outraged and angry by his statements. So, this year as well many people are upset by his recent caption to MGI instagram post. One reason a lot of anti-MGI fans are against MGI being a Top 3 pageant of the world is mostly because of how young the pageant is and they are questioning the advocacy of the pageant?

Now here is what we believe in Official Nepali Beauty regarding this topic. As admin of ONB, I have watched all 5 editions of Miss Grand International since it started in 2013 until 2017. Despite all the out raged by some of the anti-fans of MGI; I actually agree with Miss Grand International CEO Mr Nawat Itsaragrisil on why it is #Top3beautypageantoftheworld

Here are 6 Reasons below

1. Grand Event

The pageant has always been consistent by producing a Grand Final event since it started in 2013; High production, Grand stage, HD quality live stream and doing the pageant outside Thailand in the last 2 years (USA 2016 & Vietnam 2017) which is quite rare for such a young pageant of 5 years. While watching MGI it feels like we are actually watching an International Pageant. This edition of Miss Grand International 2018 is currently taking place in Yangon, Myanmar.

Creative National Costumes are also one of the biggest assets of MGI because now most pageant fans always wait to see the talented designs of National Costumes from around the world.

2. Fan engagement on Social Media

One of the greatest thing that sets MGI different from other Major International Pageants is their quick updates which are given within minutes. They have been providing HD Quality photos and videos daily coverage during the 1 month pageant season as well as during the reign of the winner. Social media has never been this strong before; MGI despite being 5 years young. It has almost the same amount of fan following on social media (specially Facebook which currently has over 2 million followers on 3rd place behind Miss Universe and Miss World).

Also MGI is taking advantage of social media by conducting Online Votes which has helped fans to engage more with the pageant which has made the pageant more internationally popular and relevant.

3. Good Advocacy

The slogan of Miss Grand International is "Stop the war & violence" it is a strong message for a beauty pageant. However, despite the glitz and glamour of final event; the winner of MGI works to promote the message of peace. Previous winners MGI 2014 Lee Garcia from Cuba has went to war effected areas in Middle East area (nearby Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan) to extend official support to 'Stop the War & Violence' campaign.

MGI 2015 Claire Elizabeth Parker from Australia has went to earthquake victim camp (Camp Hope) in Kathmandu, Nepal

MGI 2016 Ariska Putri from Indonesia travelled to over 10 countries like civil war area in Cambodia.

4. Fair Judgement

Miss Grand International org is owned by Thai Business man Mr Nawat Itsaragrisil from Thailand. However in it's 5 years of pageant they have always crowned the most deserving contestant as their winner. Despite being a Thai owned pageant, MGI has not crowned a Thai winner yet. They have been very fair with their judgment and always picked the contestant who is ready to work for MGI org. There is an important round in MGI finale which is the speech round where the Top 10 semi-finalists all have to give 1 minute speech on why they should be the next MGI. It shows that the lady who is best suitable for the job of MGI who always wins.

This is the reason why pageant fans from all around the world are now finally take notice of MGI; even Big Int'l Pageant sites like Global Beauties has listed MGI as Big 5 Pageants

5. There is no Sash factor

In a lot of International Pageants, there is a thing called "Sash Factor" which means countries who have been doing consistently good in Big International Pageants like Venezuela, USA and Philippines tend to always place in most Int'l Pageants. However that doesn't really work in Miss Grand International which means everyone has a fair chance of winning the golden crown of MGI. Past winners include from countries who don't have a strong sash factor; here are list of previous titleholders:

2013 - Janelee Chaparro from Puerto Rico
2014 - Lees Garcia from Cuba
2015 - Claire Elizabeth Parker from Australia
2016 - Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia
2017 - María José Lora from Peru

6. High Quality Accommodation & Food Service

Even though it may be only 5 years young pageant, Miss Grand International is known for providing high class accommodation & food service to it's contestants. Every year 5 star hotels are provided for all the contestants to live during the time of pageant and winner gets to stay in a 5 star flat in the central of Bangkok, Thailand. Currently girls are staying at Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake, Yangon Myanmar.

Contestants enjoy their time in the pageant while competing in the pageant. There has been numerous fun activities with contestants that has made this pageant not just a beauty pageant. But a place where girls can make true friends.

So these are all the reasons why we believe that Miss Grand International is a Top 3 Beauty Pageant in the World.

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