Miss Earth 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty

Miss Earth 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty

Welcome to Miss Earth 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty

There are so many beautiful and smart ladies in this year's Miss Earth 2018; it was a really difficult task for me to only select Top 16 semi-finalists. These are all 1st Impressions based on their Eco video and social media.

16th Place Vietnam - Phương Khanh Nguyễn
15th Place Ukraine - Anastasiia Kryvokhyzha
14th Place Indonesia - Ratu Vashti Annisa
13th Place Colombia - Valeria Ayos
12th Place England - Abby-Anne Gyles-Brown
11th Place Guyana - Xamiera Kippins
10th Place Guam - Emma Sheedy
9th Place Russia - Daria Kartyshova

Top 8

8th Place
Venezuela - Diana Silva
It's no surprise to see another stunner from Venezuela,  she is a good performer on stage and watching her ace Miss Earth Venezuela 2018. She will definitely make an impact in Miss Earth 2018 in the Philippines.

7th Place
Ghana - Belvy Naa Teide Ofori
She has a beautiful dark chocolate skin tone with friendly personality. While watching her Eco video, I found her voice very smoothing and calming with great information about her country.

6th Place
USA - Yashvi Aware
She is smart, witty and good speaker. She has a unique & exotic features about her which is rare to see from Miss USA.

5th Place
Brazil - Xamiera Kippins
She has exotic features and she will definitely be loved by filipino fans as she has very strong sex appeal and great stage performance. She is one of the girls to watch out as she might surprise us by placing higher than 5th place.

Top 4

Miss Fire
Mexico - Melissa Flores

She has a regal beauty about her and watching her eco video it was really sophisticated and elegant. She is definitely one of the strongest contenders in this year’s batch of Miss Earth 2018. She is graceful and ladylike with the way she presents herself and it could be an advantage for her.

Miss Water
Puerto Rico - Krystal Xamairy

Stunning girl with great personality, while watching her eco video I was really drawn towards her. She looks like a Victoria’s secrets supermodel who cares deeply about the mother earth. She will make a great ambassador for Miss Earth org.

Miss Air
Philippines - Celeste Cortesi

She is one the most beautiful face in this year’s batch of Miss Earth 2018; she has good stage presence, personality and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Philippines win back to back this year. She already has a home court advantage so, I expect Celeste to place high in Miss Earth 2018.

Miss Earth 2018
Nepal - Priya Sigdel

She is one of the most hard working contestant I have seen in a beauty pageant. Her impressive CV and her transformation from Miss Nepal final night to now is tremendous. She is smart, tall, exotic and if she plays her cards well she might bring Nepal’s 1st Miss Earth crown back home. Also, her Eco video is currently the most viewed video as of now which is also quite informative and really creative. So good luck to Priya.

So this is our Miss Earth 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty

What do you think of it? Let us know who are your favourites in the comments below


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