Miss Grand International 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty

Miss Grand International 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty

Welcome to Miss Grand International 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty

Miss Grand International 2018 is happening tomorrow 25 October 2018 in Yangon, Myanmar. Here is our 1st Hot Picks & Predictions for Miss Grand International 2018. The results is based on their Introduction videos from Miss Grand Int'l 2018.

 Top 15

15th Place: Myanmar - Sumyat Phoo
14th Place: Colombia - Sheyla Quizena Nieto
13th Place: Malaysia - Debra Jeanne Poh
12th Place: Mexico - Lezly Díaz
11th Place: Dominican Republic - Clara Mayte Brito Medina

Top 10

10th Place
Indonesia - Nadia Purwoko
She is clearly a Fan Favourite because most Indonesians are very passionate about supporting their country’s representative. I find face shape very interesting because it’s V - Shape with a very pointy chin which is quite rare and is consider a beauty ideal in the Far East Asian beauty standards. I have to see more of her to make further judgement but as of now; I think her fans support will alone help her reach Top 10 in the final night.

9th Place
Costa Rica - Nicole Menayo
She has a bubbly personality which can be seen on her introduction video. She will be fun to be around and if they have Miss Congeniality award; she would definitely be my pick. Other than her amazing personality, I didn’t really see anything about her country as I only manage to learn a lot about her personal life which is great but it would have been better if she included he charity work or footage about her country while talking.

8th Place
Bahamas - Dannie Bain
She has a good personality and being so independent growing up. I think she will do really well in Miss Grand International as she has good head on her shoulders. It would be nice to see Bahamas do well in International Pageants.

7th Place
Vietnam - Nga Phuong Bui
She is very talented and I think she had one of the best introduction videos in this year’s pageant. I really got to know her fun personality and her passion for dance; she showcased the beauty of Vietnam really well without making it too boring. I think she will do well in this pageant as long as she has a good translator during Q&A is the weakest part for most Vietnamese Pageant contestants as they tend to be not fluent in English which can be a big barrier.

6th Place
Venezuela - Biliannis Alvarez
She looks great physically speaking like any other Miss Venezuela who are all well groomed and ready to compete in International Pageants. But I didn’t get to see her showing anything about her country or her contribution back to her society. It felt quite bland and uninspiring because all she did was just dance with a band which was a let down. As she could have done something for her country which is currently under political and economical problems.

Top 5

4th Runner Up
United States of America - Paola Cossyleon
Her charity work and contribution to her society is incredibly outstanding. While watching her introduction video, I felt a sense that she takes on the responsibilties really well and I won’t mind seeing her even win the main crown. Because she would make a great ambassador for Miss Grand Int’l org as she is very hard working and consistently giving back to her society.

3rd Runner Up
Peru - Andrea Moberg
She has a kind and friendly vibe about her while watching her introduction video. Peru has consistently been sending beautiful contestants in International Pageants and it would be nice to see a country that is not very popular in Pageants do well in Miss Grand Int’l 2018. Peru did win Miss Grand International 2017 but for me she is the best Latina contestant in this year’s pageant because she come across very natural, confident and not too over the top unlike most Latina contestants.

2nd Runner Up
India - Meenakshi Chaudhary
Facially for me she is the most beautiful Miss India in the recent years after Nicole Faria; Her face is quite girl next door but very intriguing at the same time. I think she will be one of the top contender to win the Miss Grand Int’l 2018 crown; specially for India as they haven’t won this pageant yet. She has good stage presence, good speaking abilities and kind personality. I have placed her on 3rd place as of now because I want her to perform well in preliminary rounds which is the deal breaker on whether someone will place or not.

1st Runner Up
Philippines - Eva Patalinjug
Eva is not just a pretty face; I find her very interesting because she is an academic person who is very focused on her goals. I really admire that she wants to do something back for her country and it comes across very sincere and genuine. The only one issue I have with Eva is during her introduction video while speaking on camera; she paused a lot which can come across as not confident on herself. I would like her to be more assured on her thoughts while speaking without hesitation. Other than that I feel that Philippines is one step closer to win their 1st Miss Grand International crown.

Miss Grand Int'l 2018
Thailand - Moss Namoey Chanaphan
After watching her introduction video; I got really emotional and even shed some tears. Her family was homeless when she was growing up in Phuket but she didn’t give up and took part in over 100+ local beauty pageants. She was the bread winner of her family and thanks to her contribution of earning money from winning many local pageants. I really admire the fact that she was so persistent and hard working even as a child that I can’t think of anyone else more deserving to win this title of Miss Grand International 2018. Even though, this pageant is based in Thailand but I feel that she is very capable of winning the 1st Miss Grand Int’l crown for Thailand. The pageant’s slogan is “To Promote Peace & End War and Violence” - I believe that Moss is definitely a strong contender for this year’s title. Physically as well as mentally I think her past experience will definitely be her biggest advantage in this pageant.

So this is our Miss Grand International 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty

What do you think of it? Let us know who are your favourites in the comments below


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