Miss Universe 2018 Predictions - 2nd Hot Picks

Miss Universe 2018 Predictions - 2nd Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty!

Welcome to our Miss Universe 2018 Predictions - 2nd Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty!

Since yesterday; Miss Universe org announced that in about a month time, Miss Universe 2018 activities will began. So, here is our 2nd Hot Picks and Predictions for Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

Here is our 2nd Hot Picks for Miss Universe 2018 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty !

Top 16

*This notes that the contestant I think will be Public Choice winner*

16 Great Britain - She has a great personality and she is a beauty with brains.
15 Hungary - I love her face and she might bring placement Hungary afters 6 years.
14 India - She has great walk and an amazing body transformation story.
*13 Indonesia - She is the fan favourite and I won’t be surprised if she wins Public Choice award.
12 Mexico - She has one of the most beautiful contestants in this year’s batch.
11 Vietnam - I love her cool hairstyle, great walk and she has unique quality about her.

Top 10

10 Jamaica - Emily Maddison
I love her face; she his one of the best Miss Jamaica to be send to Miss Universe.
Jamaica has been consistently sending strong contestants to Miss Universe.

9 Venezuela - Sthefany Gutiérrez
She has a different look to the usual Miss Venezuela prototype but
she has strong stage presence and she will be well prepared for Miss Universe pageant.

8 Nepal - Manita Devkota
Manita has been working for women empowerment and
I think judges will definitely take notice of her.

7 Canada - Marta Stepien
Last time Canada won Miss Universe was in 2005 which was held in Thailand.
She might have a good chance to win Miss Universe crown for Canada again.

6 USA - Sarah Rose Summers
Sarah has a friendly and outgoing personality.
She commands attention when she is on the stage.

Top 5

5 Philippines - Catriona Gray
She has a strong communication skills and a huge fanbase.
Her past pageant experience will definitely help her in Miss Universe.

4 South Africa - Tamaryn Green
She has great physics and good advocacy for Miss Universe pageant;
she is a strong contender so, I don’t mind seeing South Africa win back to back this year.

Top 3

3 Thailand - Ning Sophida Kanchanarin
She is smart, confident and beautiful - all qualities that the Miss Universe org is looking for in their winner. If she plays her cards well then Thailand might finally achieve their 3rd Miss Universe crown.

2 Spain - Angela Ponce
She has made the history by becoming the 1st transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe pageant. She has an inspiring story to tell and it will also be a great way for Miss Universe to show the whole world that they are one step ahead of other pageants. If Miss Universe pageant crowns Spain then it will be a milestone in Beauty Pageant history.

Miss Universe 2018: Puerto Rico - Kiara Ortega
Our pick for Miss Universe 2018 is Miss Puerto Rico Kiara Ortega; for me she is the ideal beauty, the modern woman of today. She is confidently beautiful with a heart; she is exactly what IMG and Miss Universe org is looking for. She perfectly fits alongside former IMG Miss Universe and it’s finally time for Puerto Rico to win their 6th Miss Universe crown.


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