Mr Sikkim Manhunt 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks by Official Nepali Beauty

Mr Sikkim Manhunt 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks

Welcome to 1st Hot Picks for Mr Sikkim Manhunt 2018 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty

Mr Sikkim Manhunt 2018 is going to be held in Gangtok, Sikkim on 4 November 2018. This year has a strong batch of contestants with many handsome and hunk men. I was really excited when I first saw their audition videos and I am quite impressed by the quality of photoshoots from Mr Sikkim Manhunt 2018 considering it is a regional pageant. So, I have based my Hot Picks and Predictions on the on videos and photoshoots that the contestants took part in.

Here is our 1st Hot Picks for Mr Sikkim Manhunt 2018 Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty

Top 15
15: Palsang Lama
14: Prashil Sharma
13: Jigdal Gyatso Bhutia
12: Deep Prakash Chettri
11: Karma Lama

Top 10

10th Place - Karma Zangpo Bhutia; Height: 6'1" Address: Sang Pheyong
Reason: Karma looks like an Asian superman with V shape body like superman. He is an unconventional look about him which strangely look attractive; more you look at him.

9th Place - Anurag Baraily; Height: 5’8” Address: Rangpo
Reason: He is a cute boy with a friendly personality with a boy next door quality.

8th Place - Arpan Pradhan; Height: 5’9” Address: Rhenock
Reason: Arpan looks like a Nepali man from Kathmandu, I don't know if it's a trend in Sikkim but a lot of men seems to have this style eye brow with a cut. It doesn't suit in pageants as it doesn't look professional. Physically he looks good but he needs to groom himself more.

7th Place - Kunzang Topgay Bhutia; Height: 5’11” Address: Gangtok
Reason: Kunzang looks very International and looking at his social media; he has a very good personal style and aesthetics is on point. But in videos he looks a lot different than his photos; so I think he needs to improve his speaking skills and presentation on moving camera. As he looks amazing on his Instagram photos.

6th Place - Abishek Gurung; Height: 5’5” Address: Gangtok
Reason: This hunk has a very manly and hunk qualities about him; at first glance I thought he was a British Gurkha solider. He needs to improve his speaking skills because look wise he is great but there is still quite a lot of room for improvement.

5th Place - Chumal Lepcha; Height: 5’7” Address: Bikmat
Reason: Personally I really love his face as he looks like a Korean Actor from a K-drama and at first I didn't think he was Indian. Like most of the contestants he needs to improve his body and groom himself as he is quite young.

4th Place - Rinchen Chedup Tamang; Height: 6’2” Address: Namchi/ Gangtok
Reason: Tall, dark and handsome is all the qualities, Rinchen poses and he also has a great personality. He could be a dark horse in the finale because he could impress the judges by his charming personality. Personally I am not a fan of his brows and beard as I think he will look way better with more clean cut look.

3rd Place - Akhilesh Pradhan; Height: 5’10” Address: Soreng
Reason: He has a very cool & calm vibe about him which is very enduring and maybe that is the reason he has the most amount of fan following on Instagram. Even though he looks really mature for his age 18 but I think he needs some time to improve and groom himself. I really think he will do well in International Pageants in few years time.

1st Runner Up - Shahil Lama; Height: 5’6” Address: Gangtok
Reason: Shahil has a very friendly and warm personality with a very cute face. He is still quite young at just 16 years old; so I think he will be ready in few years to compete in International Pageants. Facially he is the best looking in the batch but because of his age, he might not have as much experience as other contestants.

Mr Sikkim Manhunt 2018 - Sonam Gyatso Bhutia; Height: 6’0” Address: Rabongla
Reason: He has a really manly aura about him and he looks physically and mentally prepared to compete in an International Pageant. I think his handsome face, hunk body and tall height will definitely help him get noticed by judges on the final night. Since the pageant is called Mr Sikkim "Manhunt"; he might go to Manhunt Int'l India where they prefer more masculine men and he fits the brief perfectly. So, good luck to Sonam and other contestants !

So this is our Mr Sikkim Manhunt 2018 Predictions - 1st Hot Picks

What do you think of it? Let us know who are your favourites in the comments below


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