Real Talk with Barsha Lekhi by Official Nepali Beauty | Series 1 Chapter 5

Real Talk with Barsha Lekhi by Official Nepali Beauty | Series 1 Chapter 5

Today we have a very special guest on our 5th interview of Real Talk with Celebrities Series 1 Chapter 5. She is the first Tharu woman to win the crown of Miss Nepal International 2016. A role model to many girls, outstandingly academic person with a wonderful personality. She is none other than our very own Barsha Lekhi Miss Nepal International 2016 !

We will like to welcome you to Real Talk with Barsha Lekhi  by Official Nepali Beauty Series 1 Chapter 5

1 Can you tell us little bit about yourself to our readers?
A: I believe that I am a global citizen, being born as Nepali is a privilege to me. I want to make most and want to contribute in development of Nepal to make our future generation to be proud too. I am more of an academic person. I like to share and exchange ideas, concepts and philosophies regarding environment as well as politics.

2 Where did you grow up and how were you as a child?
A: I was born and brought up in Kathmandu. I don’t remember how I was as a child but according to my parents I was very bubbly, outgoing and studious. My mom often shares to my relatives that I used to cry of not being able to go to school while having fever, also I didn’t use to eat supper (after coming back from school) until I finished my homework.

3 Did you always wanted to be a Beauty Queen?
A: No, a big no. I never dreamt or thought of being a beauty queen. Since my teenage, my friends, relatives used to ask me to join Miss Nepal and I used to oppose that. Now, It makes me laugh how I used to react to them. I haven’t had watched any Miss Nepal until I participated in Miss Nepal in the year 2016. For the first time I watched Miss Nepal (of the year 2015) in youtube during my 2nd week training of Miss Nepal 2016.

4 Have you competed in previous pageants before Miss Nepal?
A: No I haven’t.

5 How did it feel when you competed at Miss International 2016 in Japan? Tell us your experience
A: To be honest, I had huge expectation from Miss International. I was in their Hot Picks most of the time. I had given my persistent effort, be it Talent Show, National Costume everything. I couldn’t attend any class of my college in the entire semester for I was investing that time preparing of Miss International. Talking about my experience, I really cherish those 19 days of stay in Japan. I was representing my country, people there used to call me by the name “Nepal”. Wow ! that feeling, I cant get enough words to express it. Of course I was there to compete and win the crown but I actually  made good best friends there. Miss Poland and Miss Myanmar are still in touch with me. I am always grateful for getting the opportunity to represent my country.

6 What is one thing that nobody knows about you?
A: I had a scooter accident in which I got severely injured soon after becoming Miss Nepal International 2016. This accident happened in June 2016 before going to Japan for Miss International 2016. I got 14 stitches under my nose and 21 stitches under my chin. I was very afraid about my marks from the stitches at that point of time as I had only 3 months in my hand to recover and to fly for Japan.

7 What do you think of Nepal’s future in Beauty Pageants?
A: As every year passes, beauty pageant is getting good response in Nepal. I think Nepal will do good as we have good potential representation in each beauty pageant this year.

8 What makes you blush?
A: Winters make me blush. hehe

9 What projects are you working on at the moment?
A: Currently, I am working as a consultant in different NGOs. I am also working as freelance host and motivational trainer.

10 How do you find living in Delhi different to Kathmandu?
A: It's very different life in Delhi for it is digital India. Carrying one mobile phone is enough, no need to carry a wallet while going anywhere in Delhi. The transportation system is well managed in Delhi despite of heavy traffic. The availability of uber, ola and metro eases travelling in Delhi.

11 What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?
A: I see myself politically very active in 10 years. I will have my PhD degree within 10 years of time and work as a professor as well as advocating and lobbying for environmental related issues and rights and accessibility of natural resources to indigenous people / community of Nepal.

12 In the end any message you want to tell to our audience?
A: Please do support Miss Nepal not just this year but every year. When we are representing Nepal in International Pageants, we have huge pressure and people have high expectations from us. So your love and support will motivate, keep us alive there in that chaos and crowd. Also, I want my audience to be aware and accountable to the environmental issues. Not every time government has to have solutions, but we individually too can address the issues.

Thank you for taking your time out to give us an interview Barsha. Hope to see you in Nepali Politics in the future. Hope you all enjoyed reading our interview with Real Talk with Barsha Lekhi by Official Nepali Beauty

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Photo Credits: M&S  VMAG & Miss International


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