What happened in Miss Grand International 2018? Full Review

What happened in Miss Grand International 2018?

Miss Grand International is one of the biggest 3 International beauty pageants after Miss Universe and Miss World. Tonight was the 6th edition of Miss Grand International 2018 which was held in Yangon, Myanmar. In this article I am going to talk about what happened in the grand finale and my thoughts on how the event went.

Opening Number

Miss Grand International is known for their entertaining and grand opening number. This year too, they didn’t disappoint I loved the energetic performance with Little Mix - Wings song as background music. It really felt like I was watching an International Pageant with high production, the stage was grand as always with great lights and background visual was also on point. All contestants were wearing black roman warrior type costumes in black and gold. In previous years, contestants were mostly seen in bright colours so, it was nice to see a bit of change with dark colours. Overall I give 7/10 for the opening number which was decent.

Top 20

There were some contestants who were not on my Predictions list but I was happy to see make the cut in Top 20. Some of the surprises for me were Cuba, Russia, Sweden and Kazakhstan. It was nice to see new countries like Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Sri Lanka make the cut in Top 20 as we don’t usually see them doing well in International Pageants.

I was happy to see many of my picks make Top 20 cut like India, Japan, Thailand, Venezuela and Peru. I think I saw Miss Netherlands misheard the host because when the host announced Russia, Netherlands walked forward. I am quite happy with the Top 20 finalists as I think they all deserve to be included and it was nice to see some new countries making it in this year’s pageant. Over all I give 9/10 to this year’s Top 20 list as I think they should have included Miss Philippines as she was quite a fan favourite but unfortunately didn’t make the cut.

The contestants who didn’t place wore the same neon green and pink one piece swimsuit and Top 20 contestants were seen wearing neon yellow and orange one piece swimsuit with a transparent jacket which is something new in pageants. These girls stood out to me with their amazing performance in swimsuit round. Dominican Republic, India, Japan, Peru, Thailand and Venezuela. I was disappointed by Kazakhstan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Russia. The swimsuits reminded me of 1980s gym wear and kind of reminded me of Miss Universe from Trump Era which is my favourite years in Miss Universe pageant. The stage looked great with contestants in neon coloured swimsuits, the song was quite up beat and it went well with this round. Over all, I give 8/10 for this round as the swimsuits could have been better design for Top 20 and some of the contestants walk was not quite impactful. 

Top 10

I was happy with most of the girls who made the Top 10 cut but I do wish Thailand had made Top 10 too because she was amazing in Preliminary round as well as during Finale’s swimsuit round. Most of the girls were on my list but I was surprised to see Spain and Paraguay making it this far as I didn’t have them on my Predictions. But they did quite well in evening gown; Vietnam won Public Vote so, she was automatically in Top 10. I think she looked really cute in her evening gown and she looked like she belonged there. I give 8/10 for the choices of Top 10

Evening Gown

This is my personal favourite round of the pageant because I love seeing creative and talented national designers gowns on our beauty queens. I loved Japan’s soft blue gown with it’s classic style with beautifully pleated detail on her waistline really complimented her body. It is definitely my favourite gown in the Top 10; I also liked Indonesia’s low side cut out gown with so many beautiful embellishment who looked stunning on her. Paraguay’s white gown with asymmetric design on one side looked really nice on her. India’s gown reminded me of Demi’s Miss Universe 2017 gown and it looked nice on her but I was not a big fan of the design as I thought she looked way better in her preliminary white gown which was more daring and stood out.

The ones I was not a fan of were Venezuela’s white gown with curve cut outs which looked quite dated and not contemporary to me. She would have looked better in something more current and fresh; also Spain’s strange see through cut out in the front of her legs looked very out of place and it didn’t suit her body type. Rest of the gowns were average as there were tones of lace and see through gowns seen in tonight’s Top 10 finalists. I give 7/10 for gowns as many of them were average and blended in with each other. It would have been nice to see some bright colours other than gold / white.

Top 5

I was very happy with the choices of contestants who moved forward in Top 5 finalists; I managed to get 2/3 correct with my predictions list with Japan and India making the cut. I was happy to see a dark horse like Japan making it all the way to Top 5 as I really liked her performance throughout the night. Paraguay and Puerto Rico were my two surprises to see them in Top 5 but after watching Top 5 Q&A; I understood why she place so high. Indonesia was always on my Top 5 list in most of the preliminary contestants. So, I give 9/10 for Top 5 finalists choices by the judges.

Final Q&A
Top 5 finalists were all asked the common question which was - “If you were crowned as Miss Grand International 2018 tonight and you could choose one country for your 1st visit to run your 1st Stop the war and violence campaign; which country would you choose and what would be your 1st message to them?” Before I give my thoughts on Top 5’s answers I wished they had head phones on the finalists who are waiting for their turn to answer.

Japan - She gave her final answer in Japanese which I thought was a good choice since she isn’t very confident speaking in English. She talked about going to her country Japan and visiting the places like Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Okinawa who were effected by World Wars in the past. And remind the youth about the devastating history about these war effected places in Japan.

I really liked her answer because she sounded genuine and it sounded like she was getting emotional while talking about this question. I think if she had a better translator; she would have got better chances to win Miss Grand International 2018. I give her 8/10.

India - She spoke with so much confidence and clarity in her voice; she picked to go to Indonesia and visit the areas which were effected by recent calamity. Ending with a good message that we shouldn’t be fighting each other because of our race because we are all human in the end.

She began with a strong message but when she picked Indonesia for it’s calamity which is not effected by wars but it’s natural disaster. So, she kind of missed the point of the question as it sounded more like she wanted to help the victims of natural calamity rather than a war torn area like the question asked. I give her 6/10 since she missed the point.

Puerto Rico - She gave her answer in Spanish; she picked to go to her country Puerto Rico because of the high violence rate in her country. And want to spread the message of love and kindness.  

I can understand where she came from to help her countrymen to visit 1st if she wins MGI 2018 crown. But I think her answer was not clear as there are other countries like Syria, India, Pakistan, Russia etc which have areas that are effected by war. So, I give her answer 6/10

Paraguay - She said she wants to go visit Donald Trump in the USA and give him a message of spreading the world with peace, kindness and tolerance since the US has a big impact on the way world works.

She gave a very short but strong answer because I usually like when beauty queens give answers which are straight to the point. Her delivery was quite clear, confident and after listening to her answer I actually really thought she gave a great answer. Since, I was also thinking if anyone will pick the US as it is a powerful nation. I give her 9/10

Indonesia - She also picked the USA because of the big media power where she can spread the news and message of peace and love.

I liked her answer and she used a different approach compare to Paraguay who also picked the US; I think her 1st half of her answer was more impactful as the 2nd half sounded very pageant patty. So I give her 7/10

Crowning Moment
Japan was awarded as the 4th runner up which I thought was quite deserving for her; Puerto Rico got called out as 3rd runner up and I too agree with the judges choice. Indonesia place on 3rd which left India and Paraguay as the final 2 finalists battling out to win the coveted title of Miss Grand International 2018. Before the winner was announced host Xian Lim asked both finalists on how they were feeling. Paraguay said that they need to call a doctor as she is going to pass out which I thought was her joking and India was just excited to hear the news.

The winner of Miss Grand International 2018 went to Miss Paraguay Clara Sosa who suddenly passed out when her name was called out as the winner of MGI 2018. I got really scared as her body was lying down on the stage as Mr Nawat and some medical team rush towards her. It was definitely the most memorial crowning moment I have seen in a beauty pageant. Clara managed to stand up again and got crowned as Miss Grand International 2018. Meenakshi from India placed as 1st runner up which is the highest achievement India has got in this pageant.

MGI didn’t disappoint me with their grand event; great lighting and camera work were all wonderful as always. I was happy to see Miss Grand International going higher and higher each year because despite being such a young pageant. It has managed to capture the hearts of many International fans and it was great to see a dark horse like Miss Paraguay come out of nowhere and win Miss Grand International 2018. It was definitely unexpected to say the least but over all I was happy with their picks for Top 20, Top 10 and the Top 5 finalists. I was pleasantly surprised to see Japan place so high in Top 5 as I really rooted for her after seeing her evening gown performance which was so elegant and beautiful. India was my original pick for the winner position but she placed one step down as 1st runner up. I hope that we will see Meenakshi joining Miss Universe in the near future as she would make her country proud again. At last thank you for Mr Nawat to give us such great grand finale as well as great HD quality daily coverage of the contestants which really made this pageant even more popular this year. As we got to know all the contestants more in a personal level as we could see them interact on live videos and daily updates with great images of the contestants enjoying themselves in Myanmar. So well done to Mr Nawat and the whole MGI team for providing a great event and I can’t wait to see next year’s MGI 2019.


  1. Well said ..I’m so dad coz miss India has rules that once ur winner or runners up u can’t compete again ..So Meenakshi were MGI so she can’t comepete for Miss Universe India unless they change their rules ..Hopping for the best

  2. The question was not like which war affected country ,I repeat not wat affected country ,meenakshi think out of the box ,she said natural calamity is real war like situation for us and we need to take stand against it as in recent Indonesia got struck by tsunami . See people think that as campaign is stop wat ,many people ,pages and I also thought about real war between country ;but only out of the box thinker will find unpredictable natural calamity as war for human kind. Second thing it's not about specific country ,people think that I as Indian support meenakshi ,but tomorrow of Nepal ,china ,and Paraguay would have given same answer as that of meenakshi ,they all will be queen for me.
    I hope @nepalibeauty will read this and will think about it
    Love your page from India 😘😘😘


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