15 Best Miss Universe 2018 Portraits

15 Best Miss Universe 2018 Portraits

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  1. I am sorry, but if that was a ranking it just didn't seem well judged. Now I have seen so many pretty Thai girls/candidates before. I mean so REALLY pretty. (I should know; I've lived in Bangkok for seven straight years.) But, I just don't see Ms. Sophida as a Stunner, or a Top Fiver. Of course, that's MY opinion - everyone is entitled to one. (If that was a mean thing to say, I am just stating MY observation objectively. Sorry, again, to those who do see her as Winner Material.) Top 15? Maybe. From Southeast Asia I do see Ms. Philippines and Ms. Vietnam as Top Fivers, though. Oh, well. Good luck to ALL candidates!

  2. My God, i always admire miss south africa. Everytime i watch her on youtube, she is standout so easily among all the competitors. She got almost everything MU materials. Her aura captures my attention almost all the time. I'd better like to see her walking in Victoria Secret runway as an angel rather than competing to be the miss universe. Miss Sophida from thailand is so modelesque, stunning picture (she have a quality to be a high fashion model). Miss philippines has a confident and good picture but there's something weird with her eyes. It distracts me a bit. But no body's perfect, right? To my belove Sonia Puteri Indonesia, yes, your presence is not as stronger as others candidates but i do believe she will give her best (she will enjoy her journey in MU with the way she is. No matter what the result is, Sonia will be a sonia, a humble and quiet person Puteri Indonesia).
    Good luck to all beauty queens all over the world. It's time for you guys to shine.
    Sending my big fat 💗 and respect from the land of diversity, INDONESIA 🇲🇨
    Happy early christmas 🎄🎉🎊

  3. I think Miss VietNam is the best and she will become winner or in top5.


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