How to win Miss Earth crown?

How to win Miss Earth crown?

Disclaimer: This is not a hate / bashing article and all the opinions presented in this article is solely the views of the writer and not whole of Official Nepali Beauty.

Last night, was the grand finale of one of the most biggest environmental pageants of Miss Earth 2018 beauty pageant. It was held in Mall of Asia in the capital city of Manila, Philippines. The man who hosted this event was American TV host James Deakin who was also the host from last year’s pageant. In this article we are going to review the final pageant and talk about what happened and discuss about the results.

Let’s start with the stage; it was made out of mostly recycled materials which was a great concept because this is a pageant which prides themselves with their advocacy to preserve the Mother Earth. The night started with goddess of the earth theme opening number where all 87 contestants were parading in their National "Goddess Theme" outfits, they were shown according to their continental groups.

The stage was lit with nature and woodland feel to it which looked great on the live steam. The TV Host talked about how this year the contestants were judged in 3 categories;
1. Beauty of Face and Poise
2. Beauty of Figure and Form
3. Intelligence and Advocacy.

The host also revealed the top 10 contestants in each of these 3 categories.

The panel of judges for this year’s Miss Earth were

Wilbert Ting Tolentino - Mr Gay World Philippines 2009 from Philippines
Jacky Fan Zhonglin - Young Entrepreneur; Beauty Pageant Organizer & President of Yang Gui Group from China
Daniel Ponzi - Former Lead Environment Specialist of Asian Development Bank from Germany
Dr. Cristy Wo - Celebrity Entrepreneur & Founder of Flower Goddess Incorporated from Hong Kong
Emilio Aquino - Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission (Philippines) from Philippines
Lorraine Schuck - Executive Vice President of Carousel Productions & Founder of Miss Earth from Philippines
Jose Mari Abacan - First Vice President of Program Management of GMA Network from Philippines
Linh San - International Fashion Designer from Vietnam Tram Luu - Mrs. Universe 2017 from Vietnam

TOP 18
Top 18 were announced in 2 groups who were
1st Batch: Netherlands, Chile, Romania, Brazil, Japan, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Italy

2nd Batch: Philippines, Ghana, Colombia, Vietnam, Montenegro, Venezuela, Austria, Nepal - Best Eco Video and Mexico - Best Eco Social Media

Miss Earth 2017 Top 4 winners appeared wearing beautiful ball gowns by filipino designer Francis Libiran. This was the best moment of the whole night for me as all the past winners looked really beautiful and elegant in the big ball gowns.

TOP 12
Top 18 paraded in white swimsuits and quickly the elimination of Top 12 was announced which I thought was too quick since the girls only walked in pairs. They should have let each 18 semi finalists to walk individually so, judges could score them properly.

Top 12 were;
Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Netherlands, Colombia, Italy, South Africa, Philippines, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia and Vietnam.

Top 12 then were cut to Top 8 who had to answer #hashtags with important themes;
here are some of my feedbacks on their Q&A

Colombia - #Immigrants
She answered her hashtag with so much spontaneity and her enduring personality; she talked about importance of immigrants. 8.5/10

Philippines - #Malnutrition
She looked very nervous and she had a weak delivery; she kept on repeating respect 5 times in her answer. I don’t know how she managed to get this far; also how did she score top 10 in Intelligence and Advocacy? Very disappointing 1/10

Italy - #Mental Health
Her answer was quite generic because she could have made an impact but she fell short and didn’t answer properly. 4/10

Portugal - #Justice
Her answer was quite good but her voice was shaking; I think she should have made further than just Top 8. 7/10

Venezuela - #Inequality
She gave a very pageant patty answer but her performance was very strong during the final night. She too should have made further than just Top 8. 7/10

Austria - #Corruption
I think she got a great topic but she only gave a definition of the word corruption. Her words were correct but it didn’t felt sincere and came out too scripted. - 6/10

Vietnam - #Conflict
She gave a good answer and despite not being fluent in English; she managed to answer properly to her hashtag. 9/10

Mexico - #Poverty
I thought she knew how to speak English but she asked her translator the meaning of the word in english which I found it strange. She gave a decent answer but I was let down by her as she looked great but she gave such a bland reply. 5/10


Top 4 were announced who were Colombia, Austria, Mexico and Vietnam. Their final common question to all Top 4 finalists was “Being a millennial, what is the most pressing issue of your generation?”

Colombia - She talked about important issue of social media being a big platform for younger generation to speak their mind. She gave decent answer but didn’t actually answer what the question was asking. 6/10

Mexico - She answered the problem millennial are facing which is technology and to be able to keep up with the latest technology. Yet again she gave a bland answer; very disappointing. 5/10

Austria - She said same things as Colombia and Mexico; social media. Her answer felt like she mixed both Colombia and Mexico answer and added some lines. 5/10

Vietnam - She mentioned pressing issue is our ignorance of young generation and social media is keeping the millennial away from reality. This was the best reply from all the 4 finalists but it did not have a wow impact. 7/10

Miss Fire - Miss Mexico
Miss Water - Miss Colombia
Miss Air - Miss Austria
Miss Earth 2018 - Miss Vietnam

23 year old Nguyễn Phương Khánh from Vietnam was crowned as the new Miss Earth 2018; congratulations to her for winning Vietnam’s first Miss Earth title.

Conclusion - BEST, GOOD, BAD & UGLY


The stage, lights, camera and production were a big improvement since last year’s pageant. I liked the idea of using recycling materials to build the final stage.

I really liked how 2017’s Top 4 winners had their moment wearing beautiful ball gowns by filipino designer Francis Libiran. It was definitely one of the best moments from the whole pageant as all 4 ladies looked absolutely stunning. Even Karen looked way better than she did in her actual crowning moment. Well done to the designer and MUA & hair team.


It was nice to see debut country of Montenegro placing in their first time competing in Miss Earth. Miss Nepal deserved her Best Eco video win as she had a great video.

The host was very professional and he had many funny moments which was fun to watch; live steam from GMM Network’s Facebook was also very smooth and of a great quality.

I was surprised to not see Puerto Rico and Indonesia not making Top 18 cut as both of them were doing great in pre-pageant activities. There were some surprise placements like Austria who made the cut.

Top 18 didn’t have their moment to shine walking individually wearing swimsuits on stage as it was so rushed and they were in pairs.;I didn’t think that was fair. Also, the way they cut Top 18 to 12 was very quick; I didn’t get in what performance were they judged in as they didn’t perform in swimsuit until Top 12 were announced. 

UGLY aka How to Win Miss Earth?

Miss Austria who is half filipina was a former Miss Philippines Earth 2016 contestant who placed as Miss Eco Tourism 2016 (5th Place on far left); she is also under GMMA Network who is this year’s TV broadcast company. I was shocked to see Austria making it this far; she almost would have won Miss Earth crown.

Nepotism and Favouritism were so visible in this year’s pageant which dropped the credibility of this once great pageant to a minor pageant. Having the official designer of Miss Vietnam sitting in the judges panel didn’t sit well with me. It was not fair for other contestants as it is clear the vietnamese designer will have biased towards her country girl.

Miss Philippines questionable placement in Top 8; after listening to her Top 8 answer it was so clear that she didn’t deserve to get this far. Also her making top 10 in Intelligence and Advocacy was another very questionable placement since her interview was not that great.

Funny joke:
I hope everyone will start sending half filipina girls from next year onwards; as it seems that almost every year one runner up will be of filipina background like Miss Austria; Last year’s Miss Australia; Miss Air 2013 Katia Wagner; Miss Earth 2007 Jessica Trisko etc.

This is my review of Miss Earth 2018 beauty pageant; what do you think of Miss Earth 2018? Comment Below


  1. To shed light over some things unclear to you (Author):

    1. You said you were confused on how the girls were judged before each cut. First, the Top 18 was based from the total score of the girls in all the preliminary activities. Next, If you were listening to the Host, he said that as he call each girl who made it to Top 18, the Judges are going to give them scores based from Beauty of Face. The top 18 then were presented in Swimsuits, but from this 18 only the Top 12 from Beauty of Face will move on. The top 12 was called and, again, as each girl is called the Judges will give them scores based from Figure and Form.

  2. 2. It was not rushed as you were saying. Say for example in the Figure and Form Round (Swimsuit). Yes the Top 18 candidates came out in pairs but there were no scores yet as they entered the stage. The scores were actually given to each girl who made it to Top 12 based from the first round which is Beauty of Face. So for example, when Miss Venezuela was called to Top 12, only then the Judges gave her scores for Figure and Form (Swimsuit). And for that each contestant was given enough time (and airtime) to strut their bodies and pasarela. Havent you notice the girls have their own style and projection when they were called to Top 12?

  3. 3. You are questioning Miss PH Top 8 placement. Let us review the process. Top 18 was based from overall scores from all Preliminary Activities. Well, evidently Miss PH faires well as she was able to win medals with at least one Gold. Top 12 was based on Beauty of Face, obviously, she was one of the most beautiful faces that night. She strutted very well alao in the Figure and Form which moved her forward to Top 8. So what's wrong about that? It does not necessarily mean that if you are the host country, you should not place high or win in the competition.


  4. 4. Now let's talk about Miss PH's intelligence. She managed to place in top 10 during the intelligence round in the Prelims. This I question as well because there were lot of smart girls. Perhaps, Miss PH prepared well during this round in the PRELIMS. BUT to compare her performance during the Prelims Intelligence Round to the QnA during the Finals is not so right. Again I agree that she gave a poor answer, but, If you are an avid pageant follower, you must know that QnA in the Finals night is much more nerveracking than any interviews during the Prelims.

  5. 5. Just like Miss PH placement, you are also questioning Miss Austria's . Seriously, with her answers during the QnA rounds, she was acutally one of the few to beat that night. She was unexpected and was a surprise YES! That is why she was the DARK HORSE. Further, obviously, she is Half Austrian and Half Filipina, which makes her rightful to join any pageant in the PH and Austria! She did not make it in Miss Earth PH in 2016, but she won as Miss Earth Austria this year! So why question her representing Austria even if she has Filipino bloodline?


  6. 6. Judge from Vietnam bias in Judging. That judge was only 1 out of 14 judges. Her scores alone could not make Miss Vietnam win. There are other judges, if Miss Vietnam won, maybe she was also given high scores by the majority of the judges. If you question credibility in judging in Miss Earth this year, I wonder if you also have the same comments in Miss Grand International regarding Indonesia where they have THREE judges and even one of them CAMPAIGNING for their candidate?

  7. 7. Lastly, You said Miss Earth has become a MINOR pageant. Just what are your basis on saying that? Last time I checked, all the credible and established Pageant Groups/Orgs consider it an Alpha Pageant along with Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International. It take YEARS, a WORTHY ADVOCACY, and PROVEN ACHIEVEMENT to be one. And Miss Earth has all of that.

    There you go. Disclaimer as well, I am not into bashing and hate. As it was metioned, the article was your idea. So just the same, these responses are just ideas of mine to shed some clarifications in your post.


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