Nepal is Leading (1st Place) in Miss World 2018 Multimedia Voting on MobStar Application !

Miss Nepal is Leading Miss World 2018 Multimedia Voting on MobStar Application !

Shrinkhala Khatiwada is currently leading on MobStar Application which will determine the winner of Miss Multimedia Award, the winner of this special award will get direct entry to semi finals in Miss World 2018 final night.

Watch Here: 

How to Vote:
Download Mobstar App @mobstarapp to help Nepal win Miss Multimedia award at Miss World 2018.
Follow these easy steps to help Nepal 🇳🇵 #yeswecan
1. Download Mobstar Application from your App Store for free.

2. Sign up using your Facebook account or email. Then login to your Mobstar account.

3. Type "Shrinkhala" on the search box, it is the one with a verified ✔️ sign next to her name.

4. Follow her account on Mobstar.

5. Like her posts by swipe to the right 👉🏼 and write genuine comments in the comment section.

6. Share this news with your friends and family and let's help Shrinkhala 🇳🇵 win Miss Multimedia in Miss World 2018 🙏🏼

Also like Miss World Nepal Facebook page which is the official Facebook page to vote for Nepal in Miss World 2018 - Miss Multimedia


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