Will Miss Universe Thailand allow transgender women?

Will Miss Universe Thailand allow transgender women?

Thailand also known as the land of smiles is one of the most liberal and tolerant country in the world; specially when it comes to LGBTI community they are accepted very well in the country. There is a popular myth aboard which says that “Best looking women in Thailand are ladyboy” - from a BBC documentary called Lady boys. The term “ladyboy” might be offensive in the western countries but in Thailand this is the most common word used to describe a transgender woman. There are about 1% of Thailand’s 69 million population who describe themselves as transgender which is 6.9 million people who are openly transgender in Thailand. Thailand is a buddhist country with over 94.6% of their population follow Theravada buddhism as well other Chinese religions. Due to their religion, Thai people are more accepting of LGBTI community which is different to the western world.

Miss Universe Thailand is known to be one of the most successful national beauty pageant who has been consistently placing in Miss Universe since 2015 when Aniporn placed as Top 10. Every year, Thailand has been getting closer and closer to Miss Universe crown as they have placed Top 6 in 2016; Top 5 in 2017 and hopefully Top3 / win the main crown this year. So, everyone has their eyes on Thailand at the moment since Miss Universe 2018 is taking place in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2018.

Head of Miss Universe org; Madam Paula Shugart has already made it clear that transgender women are eligible to compete in her pageant. In this year's Miss Universe 2018 pageant, we have the first ever transgender contestant; Angela Ponce from Spain.

Thailand is renowned for being a paradise for LGBTI community and transgender women have already won numerous International transgender pageants like Miss International Queen (2004, 2007, 2011 & 2017) and Miss Trans Star International (2017 & 2018).

Many thai fans are very supportive for transwomen to compete in International Pageants like Miss Universe. So, the question we have now is "Will Miss Universe Thailand finally accept transgender women in their pageant?" Since thai transwomen have already proven themselves that they are equally as beautiful and talented as their biological born female. We hope that after Angela’s impact in Miss Universe pageant hopefully Miss Universe Thailand will also allow transgender women to compete in their pageant.

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