Hello readers, in this article it will talk about Nepal’s overall performance in the world of Pageantry. This year of 2018 has been a great year for Nepal as our female Nepalese representatives in International Pageants; they have made several placements and created history. Team Nepal 2018 has certainly made a strong mark in International Beauty Pageants.

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Let’s start with the most recently held beauty pageant; as well as the most prestigious International Pageant of Miss Universe 2018, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 17 December 2018.

Miss Universe 2018 – Top 10, Highest Auction Gift

This year we had, mysterious and charming beauty - Manita Devkota representing Nepal in Miss Universe 2018 pageant. She did an impeccable job by winning the hearts of Thai people as well as the international audience of Miss Universe pageant. She made a great impression during the Thai Night event, which was also a charity auction night. Miss Universe Nepal 2018 Manita managed to get the highest bid of 310,000 Thai baht ($9,600 USD / Rs 10 lakhs) for her auction gift, which was Buddhist Shadow box during Thai night. During Miss Universe National Costume round where she was dressed as Goddess Avalokitesvar from Buddhism. Her National Costume received many positive responses by Thai fans.

After that event, Manita managed to win the hearts of Thai people and was featured in numerous Thai media like Vogue Thailand, Elle Thailand etc. She was able to impress not just the public but also the hearts of Miss Universe judges during the close door interview round which consists 60% of the judging scores. She also gave a strong performance in the preliminary competition that consists of the remaining 40% of judging. Due to her commanding communication skills and her elegant walk, it helped Manita to get herself a spot in Miss Universe 2018 Top 10 semi-finalists. It is a remarkable placement since; it has only been 2 years since Nepal has got the franchise for Miss Universe pageant. Nagma Shrestha, our 1st Miss Universe Nepal has a big hand in order for this to happen. Manita performed really well, despite not receiving a lot of support by the Nepali public.

Miss World 2018 – Top 12, Beauty with a Purpose & Multimedia

Soft spoken with an enduring personality, Shrinkhala Khatiwada was our Miss World 2018 representative from Nepal, which took place in Sanya, China. Shrinkhala received a lot of love and support by not just the Nepali fans but also fans from all over the world. Shrinkhala had a roller-coaster performance in Miss World 2018, because she was public choice to win the title and eventually won Multimedia Award which was voted by the general public. She had some low moments as well during World’s Best Designer round, she had a difficult time walking in the gown made by Manish Rai.

She also lost the Head to Head Challenge to Miss Singapore but it didn’t break her spirit and she eventually won the main subtitle also known as the heart of Miss World – Beauty with a Purpose title. Her hard work and determination definitely paid off when she won this prestigious title, which helped her, make a mark in Miss World pageant. Shrinkhala placed in Top 12 during Miss World 2018 final night; since she won Beauty with a Purpose title. Madam Julia Morley has announced that she will be visiting Nepal during Miss Nepal 2019 grand finale and she will also donated at least $10,000 towards Shrinkhala’s Beauty with a Purpose Project.

Miss Earth 2018 – Top 18, Best Eco Video

Outspoken, fearless and women’s right activist, Priya Sidgel was appointed as Miss Earth Nepal 2018. She placed over all in Top 18 of Miss Earth 2018, which took place in Boracay, Philippines. She also won the Best Eco video subtitle that was voted by the public as well as the panel of judges. And she also won a silver medal in talent round where she performed in a traditional Nepali folk song.

Miss International 2018 - Unplaced

Dusky beauty Ronali Amatya was representing Nepal in Miss International 2018, which was held in Tokyo, Japan. She made a great impact on stage during National Costume round where she was dressed as Green Tara who is an important character of Buddhism. Even though, she didn’t place in the pageant; she gave a strong performance and made Nepal’s presence in Japan.

Miss Supranational 2018 - Unplaced

Modelesque with a great body, Mahima Singh was appointed to represent Nepal in Miss Supranational 2018, which was held in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland. This was the first year, for Hidden Treasure to acquire the franchise for Miss Supranational; which is also known as one of the Big 5 Pageants in the world. Mahima gave a strong performance in her swimsuit round which made international fans really notice her in Miss Supranational. She didn’t come back with any placements but she definitely made Nepal proud by her presence.

Miss Grand International 2018 – Top 10 Best National Costumes

Elegant beauty, Urussa Joshi was representing Nepal in Miss Grand International 2018; which took place in Yangon, Myanmar. For National Costume; she wore a Goddess Kumari outfit and she managed to place Top 10 in Best National Costume voted by the judges. The Burmese fans noticed her as she did a great performance during preliminary competition.

Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 - Unplaced

Confident and poised beauty, Aastha Saakha was appointed to represent Nepal in Miss Asia Pacific International 2018; which took place in the Philippines. She got a very response by the pageant fans after watching her strong performance during her evening gown round. She didn’t managed to place in the finale but she definitely made a mark being a great ambassador for Nepal.

Overall, Nepal had a great year in International Beauty pageants because this year Team Nepal has made a great impact by placing in 3 different pageants. Manita Devkota has been the most impressive Miss Nepal till date because despite not receiving much support by Nepali public. She triumph everyone’s expectations and placed the highest among Team Nepal 2018 by achieving Top 10 semi-finalists in Miss Universe 2018 and she got the highest bid for her auction gift. Shrinkhala also helped Nepal to gain world’s attention by her charming personality and her impeccable Beauty with a Purpose project, which she ended up winning the title, Multimedia and Top 12 placement. Priya also did a good job of placing in Top 18 and winning Best Eco video in Miss Earth 2018. These 3 ladies have made a history in Miss Nepal org and The Hidden Treasure’s lifetime. So, we hope that the winners of Miss Nepal 2019 and Team Nepal 2019 will gave even better achievements and performance in their respective International Pageants.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading our report on Nepal’s Performance in Female International Pageants in Year of 2018. Let us know down below what do you think of our Team Nepal 2018’s performance? Comment below


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