Miss Nepal 2019 Early Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty

Miss Nepal 2019 Early Predictions by Official Nepali Beauty

Disclaimer: These are the views and opinions of Admin George from Official Nepali Beauty and the purpose behind it is to help the contestants to improve their weakness. If you feel offended or get upset by the views and opinions in this video then that was not the intension and don’t watch this video. Miss Nepal contestants are public figure and if they want to improve themselves and grow until the final night then you can take the suggestions from this video.

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15 Alisha Joshi 23 5'5" from Pokhara
She is former Miss Newa Pokhara; she seems to have a really nice personality so, looking forward to see her transformation in the coming days.

14 Shiwani Ghimire 21 5'7" from Bhairahawa
She is the regional winner of Miss Western Nepal 2018 and she has got a direct entry to Miss Nepal 2019 Top 25. She seems like a laid back type of person who is not very much into fashion or style but I appreciate that she tried her best during orientation class. The only criticism I have for her is she needs to have a bit more of a personality as she really didn’t stand out to me during the orientation class. She has a pretty face but she needs to learn to do make up that suits her features and also learn to style according to her body. Hope to see her improve more in the future days of Miss Nepal 2019.

13 Sanskriti Ghimire 23 5'6" from Bhairahawa
She is really cute and I love her straight forward and honest personality; she stood out to me during Nishma’s interview with her in Ep 2 of Livon Nepal Miss Nepal Journey. She seems really enduring and has a girl next door quality about her which will make many people like her. I want her to be herself but improve her communication skills as look wise she is really adorable.

12 Nancy Bogati 24 5'5" from Chitwan
She has a cool and laid back attitude and she seems like a really fun person to be friends with and I really enjoy watching her short interview with Nishma in Livon Nepal Miss Nepal 2019 Journey Ep 2. I want to see more of her as I didn’t get many information about her on social media. So, it’s hard for me to comment on Nancy.

11 Nitika Karmacharya 21 5'6" from Lalitpur
She has a good vibe about her and she seems very driven and someone follows her dreams. I want to see more of her personality as for now she doesn’t stand out to me in a pool of beautiful and intelligent young women. I hope to see some growth in her as she has a good potential to do well in Miss Nepal 2019.

10 Jenny Maharajan 24 5'6" Kathmandu
She competed in last year’s Miss Nepal 2018 but didn’t make it to Top 25; she is already walked for Nepal fashion week and a lot of different fashion shows in Nepal. I think she needs to improve her communication skills as sometimes it comes across a little bland and despite having an amazing education background. If you can’t deliver your message properly to the listener then it will not make a strong impact. So, I will like to see her improviser speaking skills for the future.

9 Sara Bajimaya 23 5'7" from Pokhara
She is Miss Pokhara 2018 and she has a very bubbly and outgoing personality - something I really like in a beauty queen. She was criticised a lot because of her plus size body and she has already lost 5kg within few months which shows that listens to the suggestions of her fans. And she is a good learner; I hope she continues to improve herself and gets a toned body because her personality is really amazing and I hope more people will see that.

8 Nisha Pathak 22 5'5" from Kathmandu
She is one of the most experience girls in this year’s batch because has already competed in Miss Heritage International 2015 where she was the 3rd runner up and she has competed in many more pageants. She seems to have a good personality and she seems very enthusiastic during her interview with Nishma in Ep 2 of Livon Nepal Miss Nepal 2019 journey. I want her to improve her personal styling to a little more youthful as sometimes it can look little too mature for her age. Maybe look at Miss Philippines 2019 contestants as they look really well put together and still young at the same time.

7 Pooja Shrestha 22 5'6" from Jhapa
She has very cute and adorable face and she seems quite mature for her age. She is Miss Purwanchal 2018 and she was my bet to win that pageant too; I just want her to improve her personal style and make up because once she enchases her styling then I can see her doing well in International Pageant. As an alternative; she could do well in Miss International as her kawaii features will do well in Japan.

6 Meera Kakshapati 23 5'4" from Bhaktapur
Meera actually competed in last year’s Miss Nepal as well but she unfortunately didn’t make it to Miss Nepal 2018 Top 25 but she came back again like a fighter. It is really inspiring to see her comeback stronger than ever; her personal style is really good and I love her big hair it has so much volume and reminds me so much of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. She has a very likeable and charming personality; so if she improves her stage presence then I don’t mind seeing her in an International pageant like Miss Earth.

Miss Supranational Nepal 2019 - Riya Basnet 22 5'7" from Kathmandu

I think she is very beautiful and her dimples are really adorable, she kind of reminds me of last year’s Miss Earth Nepal but more younger and cheerful. I really likelier and I think she will do well in Miss Supranational because she seems smart, she has good physics and if she can work on body and communication skills then she will be a great delegate for Nepal in Miss Supranational.

Miss Earth Nepal 2019 - Pradeepta Adhikari 23 5'7" from Kathmandu

She is one of the most intelligence and well spoken contestants in this year’s Miss Nepal pageant. She has already represented Nepal in an International Debating competition in Singapore, World Universities Debating Championship in Netherlands and Asian Parliamentary Debates in Thailand. Since Miss Earth is more than just a beauty pageant it is about finding an ambassador who is well spoken for the good of mother nature. I can see Pradeepta being a really good ambassador for Nepal in Miss Earth pageant where intelligence is given a lot of priority.

Miss International Nepal 2019 - Rose Lama 21 5'7" from Kathmandu

Rose was crowned Miss Nepal California 2017 and she is really young at age 21 however one quality I really like about her is that she is really mature for her age. She is very creative and looking through her social media; I can definitely appreciate that she likes to express her feelings through art. And as a creative person myself, I like to see beauty queens who are expressive through the medium of art. And I can definitely see Japanese judges at Miss International will be really happy to see someone like Rose Lama representing Nepal because Miss International is a Japanese owned pageant. They have always crowned girls with doll like features and Rose has the beauty which will be very much appreciated by Japanese judges; so I think she will be suitable in Miss International.

Miss World Nepal 2019 - Anushka Shrestha 23 5'6" from Kathmandu

She is beautiful, confident, likeable, charming and she always has a great smile on her face. The moment I saw her Miss Nepal Oceania 2018 pageant; she was one of my Top Picks for Miss Nepal crown. She is very friendly and according to her she is a learner; that’s a really admirable quality about her. She seems very suitable for Miss World because she has look at Julia Morley really likes and her intelligence could be used for a really great Beauty with a Purpose project. It is one subtitle that Nepal seems to do really well in the recent years, Shrinkhala also won this subtitle last year. So, if Anushka chooses a really inspiring and a unique beauty with a purpose project then I can see Anushka doing really well in Miss World 2019.

Miss Universe Nepal 2019 - Sophiya Bhujel 23 5'8" from Kathmandu

She is well spoken, international looking with very exotic features that Miss Universe will really appreciate, with the right training I can see Sophiya doing really well in Miss Universe pageant. She said it herself during Kathmandu Audition that she wants to compete in Miss Universe which was refreshing to hear since most girls always say that they want to compete in Miss World. I really liked her style and there is something special about Sophiya and I cannot wait to see her grow and get more confident by the final night.

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